VANS-how much?

Mar 9, 2007
im goin in december and im wondering where i can get some vans. last time i went i thought i saw some in shoemart but couldnt remember how much

i need the following models
sk8 hi

i doubt you'll find very much here besides the basic slipons. the vans store at megamall had a couple black/white sk8 highs about a year ago, and some ugly (half navy half brown) half-cabs about six months ago, but the sk8s disappeared and the half cabs are collecting dust.

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vans are generally not pricey here. i believe a pair of slipons ranges from 1500 - 1900? cheaper if on sale.. but there aren't that much selection here. i'm really not familiar with the ones you listed. but you might get lucky. check the vans store in megamall and there a store in rockwell that sells them too.. i just can't remember the store name. my shoe shop, something like that.. its across adidas.

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Sell me white and 3m tounge v's and flips. PM me if you got em 4 cheap
Since this is probably the closest thread I could find re: Vans I saw this in My shoe store in alabang

Iron Maiden slip-ons. 1899 i think and the store had 10% off everything



are the simpson vans dropping here?
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I bought one last friday..pen stripes spider....
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