Vans Vault x MLB opening days packs

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Angels ones are selling for $600 at Proper and Blends here in so cal!!  Bodega sold for $400, Cmonwealth sold for $300....  sounds like the stores are charging whatever they want..  I was originally told Proper was gonna sell for $200-$400 so I waited early on a rainy monday for 4 hours and they changed their minds apparently when they opened the doors... They also said the "west coast" was gonna stick to the $600 mark where as the "east coast" was selling for whatever..  I think $400 for the set would be reasonably high, but $600?????  come on, when retail could have been as low as $200-$300.  So sad.  I guess the Mets ones sold out but I don't know what retail was, Huf doin Giants, St. Alfreds doin Cubs, but honestly, all are top notch premium materials, Jerseys are legit, box's are hand-numbered...  I'm jealous that the east coasters aren't being rapped for a super limited vans colab of their favorite baseball team 


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I called Proper when they opened on Monday, and they told me $600. So I asked them if they came with Tickets to the game, and they said no. So I was like: What does it come with???
A jersey and some shoes!!!

Kaws vans don't even go for $300
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^i'm not sure the size run but, i know its like 42-52 maybe?  I bought the pack and got a size 48 but i returned it, ha!!   12 pairs is amazing, and the quality was the best ever for a pair of vans I've ever seen but $600????????... 
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Leave it up to these stores to ruin it. $600 for a pair of Vans? They should off themselves just on principle
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