Vaping juices? Nahh, we vape booze in THIS thread (Vid & Article) VOL. Dat Jerry Rice Hairline doe..

Sep 1, 2006

A new trend has doctors warning of the dangers of inhaling alcohol rather than drinking it to avoid empty calories.

“I think it’s crazy,” said Dr. Lawrence Pohl, medical director of the Mission Valley Medical Clinic. “They’re smoking marijuana. They’re smoking cocaine and now with the alcohol. It makes no sense.”

Broderic Allen of Texas said he stopped drinking and lost 80 pounds. He now mixes alcohol with dry ice and inhales it.

“You lose the weight and then you want to keep it off,” said Allen. “I figured I could have my cake and eat it too.”

Some doctors warn the practice isn’t safe. There is no time for the booze to metabolize or get slowed by food during digestion.

“The concern is that it could go to the bloodstream quickly, to the brain quickly, to the lungs,” Dr. Pohl said. “It’s toxic to the lungs and it could be a real concern.”

Fox 5 called several local alcohol treatment centers and no one said they had heard of the practice, but one quick look on YouTube and plenty of videos are posted of people doing it.

“There are a lot better ways to lose weight,” said Dr. Pohl.

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Watching this on the news, I couldn't help but stare at the dome and think of NT :lol: :smh:

But on a bit more serious note, inhaling alcohol?!
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Aug 17, 2007
WTF at vaping liqour

:rofl: @ this fool's hariline. If I'm that far gone its time to Rogaine, or rock the bald look
Jan 3, 2004
Aug 25, 2007
tried this a couple months ago.
it's wack if you take forever to get drunk, this will take forever too. waste of time and alcohol. never again.


May 6, 2007
seems like too much work. a shot takes like 2 seconds and really doesn't have too many calories lol
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