Verse of the year?

Sep 30, 2006
I know we got a month and some change left, but who got it?

not my set in stone answer considering theres alot to reflect on, and nt doesnt like when questions are asked without op opinion lol

imma say jay elect on jesus lord
Throw in 3k on life of the party

kiss got a couple also

sidebar, this is why donda>clb

yeezy makes masterpieces, brings ppl together that we would most likely never see on a track

let the wars begin :pimp:
Sep 5, 2006
Hov - what it feel like
21 savage - My Life (the cole Record)
Drake - lemon pepper freestyle
Wayne - seeing green/bb king freestyle
Cole - 95 south
Kendrick - family ties
Sep 30, 2006
Yea see this was alot of lyricism and i forgot some

yall reminding me, this convo/argument wont be easy, but we will find 1 winner

wayne seeing green was fire

hov on what it feel like was another 1

drizzy lemon pepper he bodied that 2

this is gonna be rough, and we got 1 month left

I heard too many verses for this to open ended. you gotta compact the options.

i cant compact the options yet, we gotta see what the majority feels is the best first
Jul 19, 2012
Kendrick on 'Family Ties' is the first thing that came to mind. That delivery's on another level.
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