Very Cheap M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment + Monitor speakers

Joined May 25, 2006
would the 49 key be a good buy?

i know it's not the more recent KeyRig 49, but just wonderin.

ps. i don't know crap about any of this. someone help a brother out.
Joined Jul 31, 2005
thanks for the heads up!

by the way I would highly recommend saving up and getting AV40s for monitors instead of the AV30s on woot. For $50 they're pretty good but the 40s are alot better.
Joined May 4, 2009
i still use some

"M-Audio Lx4 "

these things get the job done....

but m-audio compared to KRK or Adam's

aint cutting it at all

but if you like what you making with them

you going to want take it to another level with the speakers me (bout to get some new ones had these over 3 years )
Joined May 4, 2009
I have the 25keyRig and the AV30 speakers . They're great ( except I didn't get a manual for the 25 KeyRig )

Within time...I will get different speakers
Joined Apr 11, 2001 is legit as they come.... ive bought plenty of cheap stuff from there, they have a new deal every day!
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