Video I shot with a 13$ micro dv bubble gam camera vol possibilities are endless

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I got this cam off eBay after watching a video on Youtube (below) where dude mounted it to his bike. It is literally the size of a bubble gum wrapper and has a clip that you can latch it on to your shirt or whatever.

Resolution is 720 x 480 and sound pickup is way better than I expected. It has no internal memory (writes to MicroSD) and also takes photos and works as a webcam. I'm not saying it should be your best camera you own, but imagine some of the %!*$ you can do with a camera this small and discrete (reviews said the key remote fob one was better for stealthy use).

I was going to have somebody put it on their shirt or wear a headband and make a 1st person highlight film. My video sucks because I was holding the camera by the USB cable so it was dangling, but again no image stabilization so there is some of that Blair Witch feel.

For a better implementation of the same idea, there's the Veho Micro DV Camcorder for 70$ which shoots in HD and is only slightly bigger and does have native image stabilization and comes with a 2gig microsd. I'll probably buy that one too, but I'm going to put that video in a different post to avoid confusion.

Link to one

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


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damn thats kinda cool

might have to get one just to mess around with it
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Imagine the possibilities

No more excuses to not getting pics, even better, no excuse to not get vids
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Yea it's USB rechargable. I don't know how long they last, I think one review on Youtube said like 40 minutes. I don't think it'd last a long time though. ONe kind of downside, when recording there is a flashing red light so if you're using it for "spy" purposes in the dark you might have to cover that up, use electric tape I guess.

I guess this is the car remote looking one, much better for spy purpose I agree since it can just be laying there due to the better camera placement.
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i cant think of any time i would need it but next time i have $13 or so in my paypal its copped... lol

dude a beast for makin that lil mount for his helmet tho

it actually looks like he's greenscreening when its facing him... dope %%$# tho
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one thing i learned from those videos is that when i finally go over to visit europe, driving is gonna be a @@@+%.
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Originally Posted by CrunkJuicedUp

Thanks OP buying one and mounting it on my dashboard for cops who wanna play me and pull me over and wanna act hard
those suckers wont know whats coming to them.
they'll see a blinking red light and shoot you and say they thought you had a gun. Or at least, down here they would.
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Originally Posted by I AM NAS

Def has potential... how the battery life? is it internal/rechargable

I am bout  to cop it. Just gotta look for that MicroSD card I got laying around the room.

Thanks OP.

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this is the hell could anybody say they don't know what they could use this for? wow

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