vintage nike t-shirt collection - UPDATED w/Slideshow 11/14

Sep 9, 2001
couple months ago i got around to taking some pics of many of my vintage nike t-shirts

check 'em out-
vintage nike tee's

some are real fresh, some are kinda generic, some just random

nice. thats all heat. i have a couple, but i dont even know where they are anymore.
those are really nice. do you wear them still?
hi, thanks everyone.

yes, they are all mine

i wear about 2/3 of them but it takes a while to get through a full rotation, ya know?

maybe i will post them all in the thread but this just seemed so much easier at the time

they aren't for sale- but if there's one or two that you are interested in and i don't mind parting with 'em i'd consider selling (email mewhich one you'd want i guess)
Man, your second hand store game must be strong. Alot of really nice tees in there. Off the top of my head I remember that Ron Harper, Nordtstrom run, BigBlock Nikes, too many to mention, but that seatle joint is really nice.
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