Visiting Memphis this weekend. Any good shoe spots?

Mar 6, 2005
I searched the archives and came up with a place called R-Sole. Any other spots that carry Jordans? We are staying downtown, so if it is in another part of town tell me the name of the mall, area, etc...

Thanks NT!
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Wats good homie... 1st off. Don't shop at R.sole lol! Its new and they jack up all there prices... In memphis u get shoes for retail or cheaper. But the best spots to hit up for jordans I will say

City Gear
Finish Line- I work at one but won't be there this weekend, but the finish line I work at dont go to... the best finish line to go to is in the Southland Mall or the Hickory Ridge. They have urban accounts and get almost everything.

In both those malls there are city gears. But the best city gear is probably going to be off of austin peay right across the street from the raliegh springs mall.
Its a store called martys and city gear right next to each other like a duplex. Then right next to that is a store called The Edge. They have lots of urban clothing.

And of course we have the Employee Nike Store soo if you happen to know some one on the list you can go in and rack up on everything 50% off.

But to me the best shoe spot in Memphis is City Gear, from there I've copped lasers, spizikes, as well as all other LS and limited shoes that the Nike Factory didn't receive. There are quite a few so u may want to hop on the and search city gear and another good spot called athletes foot. You can use the zip code 38135.

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yeah hes right, i stay a few blocks from Southland Mall and they have the best finishline. City Gear and Martys get those premium releases.
I agree with what they said because I stay in the same area. Check out Athlete's Foot in Southland Mall too, because they have stuff thats pretty cheap. They had the 05' Valentine AF1's on sale for like $89.99 a few weeks ago along with a few other premium forces that are hard to find.
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