Wale - Family Affair

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on some real *+%#, I have a new found respect for Wale after listening to this track.

a real heartfelt piece of artwork right here

i just hope the video correlates well
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Originally Posted by LEFTFIELDGREEN

cannot wait for BTTF
tell me about it man, when this comes out sometime next week i can give Drake' So Far Gone a rest (Been bumping it everyday since it came out
Plus i need something to bump to while i am going/in the Philippines
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Wale better bring it. I'm expecting big ting. Tracks like this only perpetuate that expectation.


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song goes hard. reminds me of baltimore love thing and i know.

video goes hard. almost made me cry...almost
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i like the song and the video really illustrated what he was sayin. Wale's been my favorite rapper for a min. its nice to see dude gettin so muchpublicity.
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Nice video.

But I'm mad he had the fat dude as a pervert though. As if we don't already have enough problems
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Slim Charles from The Wire? pretty sure I saw him in the Chillin video too.

Yeah what you don't know about him is he is big g... Pretty much the king of dc in terms of music/respect via his gogo band, backyard band

and watching that video is such a blower if you're smacked.
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I'm feeling this. I don'r really mess with Wale but this actually has some substance, some meaning. Not saying what I have listened to was wack oranything cause dudes songs never lacked depth but this the first that I've heard that he's actually saying something.
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