Wale | No Days Off (video eps.)

Joined Oct 9, 2006
LOL and :EEK at Skip saying he lacks On stage and in Booth Charisma... but like I've been saying Greatest Rapper of all time and Greatest Rap artist of all time are not the same thing... and Hov is only one of them...

Wale came off a little like a stan right there... or maybe it was him hearing the Roc Nation check in his pocket, lol
Joined Oct 17, 2000
Dude is who y'all new "D.C." kids follow, so I'll keep my comments to a minimum:

(a) There is a way to co-sign your boss without being/acting/sounding/appearing completely herb'ed out.  We all do it weekly in the workforce...

(b) Skip gave ole' boy the biggest compliment, and it completely went over his head.  And Skip is tight on compliments...

(c) All Jalen had to say was, "The Greatest Rapper of ALL TIME died on March 9th" to shut everything down.  He wanted to say it, but didn't.  [color= rgb(255, 255, 0)]I know.[/color]

(c) Go back to (a) and take notes...
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