Wale on Last Call with Carson Daly 5/29

Joined Mar 26, 2007
a little late notice, but i been watchin this @%%*#++$ +%% show every night since i heard dude was gonna be on. he's gonna be on tonight performing. anyonecheckin for it?
Joined Oct 28, 2006
Originally Posted by damnneardeadstock

Originally Posted by biff lawson

He Killing it whats the name of this track? (na na na -na na na- hey hey hey)
Chillin ft. Lady GaGa
Damn did she come out i was hardly paying attention...she needs to let me and my team slap it
Joined Feb 23, 2001
Nice performance, don't really like the song. Can't wait for the performance in DC though on Wed!
Joined Jun 29, 2008
LMAO...Even though I dislike Gaga on the hook , dude is horrible on the hook. Just a bad chorus in general.
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