Walgreens & Their Theft Policy... What's up w/ it?

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As someone that worked for Walgreens when I was younger...they can't do **** about it. Not even loss prevention. Just gotta take the L and report it
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Many known places to have stolen items and a true loss prevention team are actually getting rid of LP positions

I’m blown away. Crime pays

certain discount retailers have customers who fill 3-4 full baskets, wave as they leave, and basically get helped to load their vehicles.

some states are different than others. This won’t fly in some areas.

Mark Antony

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Hey 100 billion plus corporation who already have some sort of insurance and calculated shrink accounted for, let it go and file a police report until it becomes a bigger problem then they can readjust.
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My mom is a Pharmacist for Walgreens and she's told me that workers don't usually do anything; or if anything at all, whether that's the pharmacy or the main store, they just let them go. It's more a liability for Walgreens if their employees get hurt in the process of stopping these people.
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As someone who used to be a security guard, I can tell you that a security officers job in 90-95% of these roles is to be a deterrent. If you as a guard fail to deter stuff like this, it turns literally into “observe and report”. Our job is never really to physically stop these things from happening. We’re there to be the “someone will see”.

In this case, I think the problem is that San Francisco is just getting outta f***in hand. He knew in his mind he wouldn’t be stopped and knew in his mind that the cops ain’t even gonna waste their damn time.
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My local Target up the street doesn’t play. This happened a few years back and remember the commotion...
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Lots of these workers are sadly deemed disposable and they are fired for trying to protect company property. It goes against common human instincts. But let the big businesses suffer. There are reports of Walmart and target throwing their workers under the bus for any contact. Lawsuits galore in certain states. Criminals have more rights than anyone else.

mr z

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I worked at Walgreens back in the day. I had a manager that would tell people straight up “Aye, I saw you out the lotion in your bag…give it to me right now”. Nobody really tested him bc he looked like birdman on the slick.
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I used to work as a door greeter/security at CVS on Northen BLVD and 73 st in jackson heights right before I joined the military. I was so hyped to get that job. While there I actually tackled some fiend that did a smash n grab as he exited the store. Held him down until the manager got there. He took the stolen items back and said let him go. :smh:
I risked my life for $70 of Medicine. I was soooo dumb 😂 :smh:
I did get a $50 gift card for the manager and had all the work shOrtys sweating TA boi :pimp:
While the others were like “ better than me cuz they don’t pay me enough.:lol:
tbh I don’t blame the security guard cuz they are not properly trained to handle these situations. Like it’s in the job description tf.
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