Want to get a new credit card, any suggestions?

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So Im pretty much tired of my BofA card with its weak point system.  Anyone know of any good credit cards I should go for?  Any of them have any nice benefits?  My friends were saying go for a Chase card
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I dont have a specific thing I spend on, I guess mostly on bills. Avg statement comes out to $1000.

Dont Am Ex have an annual fee?
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I was going to suggest BofA

the APY they give me beats any other card I have (7.xx%)

I rarely use the point system rewards... Em I missing much?
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I'm on the hunt for a new cc as well. My boy has one that gives 2% cash back on any purchase, wish I remembered what it was. The point systems are wack
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Amex blue business rewards. Got a $700 rebate check this year. 4% gas, 3% restaurants, 1% everything else.
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Originally Posted by BallinB

Is it possible to get a good cc without any credit history?
No credit history whatsoever?  I would go with a basic cc, like one from your bank
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Originally Posted by eutum

AmEx is sounding good, so blue or plat?
Blue is a credit card with no annual fee.

Platinum is a charge card with an annual fee ($95 I believe).

I have an AmEx and the rewards aren't great. Still worth having though for various reasons.

Chase Sapphire and Citi Forward are ones I've been looking at getting.
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