Wanting things as a kid *Appreciation*

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Now that your an adult and you have your own car and your own money, you pretty much can do whatever you feel like doing and that has taken alot away fromwishing and wanting things. As a kid you would go grazy if you got Mickey D's or Taco Bell but your parents were wise and you would get fast food once aweek but when you got it man were you pumped, now you probably go to the drive thru a little too much and whenever you want. Getting a jersey was hands downone of the greatest days, especially talking your parents into getting you that first authentic and listening to to your parents complain and complain aboutthe price tag but in the end it was worth it, now you got ebay and you can pick one up whenever you please and lets not forget about getting them J's, Godknows what we all promised our parents just to get them boys, " mom i promise i will clean my room for 6 months straight or i promise just A's andB's on the next report card and man when you finally broke them down and put those boys on your feet you felt like you were MJ. Even staying up late was
you would try and try to stay up late and when they let you stay upthat extra half hour you felt like a grown man, now im pretty sure staying up after 2 am is normal and last but not least, the old everyone is sleeping so iwanna see some ta ta's but i gotta work hard thru these scrambles, waiting 35 min to see a half perfect picture now you just type in whatever your into andyou got 675,843 results. Dont get me wrong i love having the world at my fingertips but i truely miss the feeling of getting something when it was so out ofreach.


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I never got what I wanted

I remember wanting a pair of Jordan XVII (17s) for $99.99, "no...too expensive".
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I remember being 12 years old and wanting the black/ blue air penny II's, mom paid 135 for them
that was very appreciated and I kept them (The newer pair in this picture, obviously I bought this past september)

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Yea know that I'm an adult I take those things for granted. We always want what we cant have and when you're a kid the smallest things in life pleaseyou

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Okay, so of course you are only referring to us who were kids before the internet really blew up to what is is today.

Anyway, I feel you though. I remember my dad on a few rare occasions would bring me McDonalds for lunch at my school. You know I was that G for that day
.I could cry if I didn't get what I wanted, and a day later, or sometimes not, it was there. For example, my sister, my mom and I went to Footlocker to gether some new sneakers. She got the XIII lows (navy,black). I definitely figured I was getting them too. Came home sulking and $*!% because one pair was in thebag, and it wasn't my size. The next day,
them jawns were chillin on my bed after I came home from school.
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It was something else having to ask and beg for a lot, but I started working young so I might have given up my childhood too early. I appreciate those days nowthat I am a grown man with plenty of bills. I don't miss the rules though.
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