WARRIOR (on DVD, BluRay and other places now) -- Tom Hardy & Nick Nolte vol. Bane Rises

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I can't say enough good things about this movie. If you've got any friends who saw it, they'd tell you. Must see.
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Yes! I was about to make this thread. I'm going to catch this Monday after work. I heard a bunch of positive reviews on this.


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This is like a 2011 MMA version of Rocky. I loved this movie. The three leads did an awesome job and any reservations I had about Tom Hardy playing Bane in TDKR are totally gone after this
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This is...for me...the best movie of the year so far.

The fights are savage. Every one of them felt different and were all great. It surprised me so much, even when I knew what needed to happen. I felt like I got my !@$ kicked.

Tom Hardy is a monster. That's Bane, #!@* you, that is Bane incarnate. I mean he ain't human sometimes. Batman should be shook.... And he just holds it back for so long. I expected Bronson...I ain't expected this. His presence is magnificent. He sucks the air out of every scene. I mean that's it. If he can't get nominated for an Oscar for this...I don't know what to say. Bronson, Inception, this...that's a big 3 for 3.

Joel Edgerton and Frank Grillo (the schoolteacher and his trainer)...you can't separate them, because they both killed it, together. This brother, I expected to be the one to let it down. I figured his side is where the cop outs and the sappy bull !!$* would come in. They breezed past all the traps and he killed it. They murdered it. They made the last hour of this movie.

The fights...I was shook when I remembered this movie was PG-13. Barely. I used to be onto MMA a few back, but not much lately. If you've got a pulse, you didn't blink during those fights. You can feel the theater getting hyped. You felt those hits, no matter how long the fight lasted. Just... #!@*.

I kept waiting for them to mess up. I was like...ok cool...so Nolte is gonna ham it up hard now? One of the bros gonna do something way outta character? One of these fights gonna be a letdown? Nope, never. They had so little time to set up so many characters, but they pulled it off everywhere. The principal, the wife, everywhere. And when that music swells at the end, you're gonna be pissed off there ain't more people in the theater with you. lol
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Tom Hardy is def an up & coming actor. This movie does look good & I'll proly watch it soon. Loved Hardy in Layer Cake (underrated movie) & Inception.
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I liked it. The film had quite a few powerful scenes. The brothers were amazing and the fight scenes were well done.
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Just saw it for the second time... IMO the best movie of the year BY FAR! 

I loved every second of this... So much emotion, you can't help but be completely invested throughout the entire film.

Tommy is the baddest man on the planet!
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looks lame as hell. same plot as the fighter and hundreds of movies before it. big whoop. we all know what happens.
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Originally Posted by TroyMcClure

looks lame as hell. same plot as the fighter and hundreds of movies before it. big whoop. we all know what happens.
literally listing all the things this movie ain't.
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I was put off by the trailers saying there was a one night tournament for like a $5 million prize.  

That prize is just too unrealistic and irks me.

MMA is my favorite sport but 2 estranged brothers meeting in this high stakes tournament is really lame.
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Originally Posted by Oakridegonee

Best movie this year by a land slide.
Got to see it the other and I have to agree. I saw Contagion which wasn't bad but made me yawn compared to this.

Tom Hardy without a doubt will murk the Bane role. Dude straight killed it every scene definitely one of my favorite up and coming actors.
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I'm hearing great things about this.
Some said it's a cliche sports movie, but they've all agreed that the acting is amazing.

Hardy, Gosling, and Levitt

Best young actors right now.
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If anyone saw Bronson, it should come as no shock that Hardy is a a force of nature on screen.
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Just watched this movie. As an MMA fan, I'm glad it wasn't over sensationalized, and overly brutal, the only thing that I rolled my eyes at was the powerbomb (you see it in the previews).
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am I reaching or were they taking shots at Kimbo talking about "I've seen internet fighters get exposed in the past"

and it was funny seeing some known fighters get handled 

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pretty dope movie. I liked how the movie showed backstories on both characters and so it was hard to pick which dude to root for. The movie didn't drag at all either for it being 2 hours and 20 mins long. Tommy is that dude though. Everyone should check this movie out if you haven't already.
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