Was nikepark gone because of too much flame war?

Oct 3, 2001
How was nikepark destroyed and who took it away? was it the person who was paying for it to be up? I really don't know the situation. Can someone tell me how nikepark was taken away?
NikePark was a different kind of message board, nothing like ezboard. It had the latest pics, news, etc. Its creators had no time to moderate it. so it ultimately fell apart, with people flaming and posting porn. People stopped visiting after a while, and then the URL just became obsolete.
Nikepark WAS the one and ONLY sneaker message board back in the day. Yeah, we had other boards to choose from like Nike Domain's, SneakerNation's and tons of others, But Nikepark was always the place you came back to.

This was the Niketalk of yesteryear. Everything from exclusive news to new pictures were the reasons why NP was so popular. Many of the "vets" here probably started out over there. I know JumpmanSt, CSoldia, NikeOG(travis), Nelson C, Pat, Steez, JerseyJoe and many other NP vets would agree with me. Nikepark was the only sneakerboard worth going to.

Eventually people began abusing the board and posting nonsense. Everything from flame wars, cussing, porn, imposters, and other senseless crap took over the board. Eric Bro's who hosted the board on his website never really moderated it, and it when down hill fast! It got to a point where you could'nt post a new thread without ONE person giving you a smartass remark, or begining a flame war on why you were so stupid...{sigh}

So for those of you who think "what's a simple cuss word got to do with anything , or who does a little flame war hurt?" Thats how Nikepark started to go down hill. Basically, one thing starts rolling and people jump on the banwagon. I guess the kiddies who ruined it got a kick outta "flexing their message board muscles"...but all it really did was set the stage for NIKETALK. So remember this the next time you hear one of the "vets" get on you about "respecting the rules and authority"

This should be archived......seriously.
Ijapino is right.

Especially the part where he points out that LACK OF MODERATION was the main reason for NP's decline.

Think about that next time you complain about a locked post.

"A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn't feel like it."
--Alistair Cooke
yeah this should be archieved. people are taking NT for granted. without NT, i probably know nothing of shoes and never met people like, Ryankmdeezy, uncle shady, meth, jj, flipstikal, powfo, just everybody. if you feel NT has given you something, yall should at least respect the people on here or donate a few bucks ya know? simple as that.

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Ah, the old skool days. NP was definitly the place to be, and a big up to Eric B, where you are man! Email me if you have time. Back then, all the shoe heads were on there, and I mean BACK then...this was way before Niketalk even existed, and before all the crap took place also. Porn, flaming, and the endless posts got too much, so NT was created.

But yes, as people mentioned before, it died because it was not moderated and everyone was quick to shoot off their mouth and post porn pictures all the time. People can only take so much of garbage before they realize it's time to mature and grow up. Hence, NT was created Dec. 99 and has been going strong ever since. Granted, we have alot of members, but I think with the rules and general policing of the board, NT has been and still is, and will be THE place for all your shoe news and needs.

It's just some people still don't understand the rules and want to push buttons and whatnot. It's not about the number of posts or who you can piss off. It's about quality information and pictures being shared in an adult manner and meeting cool people. That's why I donate so much of my time to be on here.

Nikepark was good, then it went sour...NT was good, then had a few bumpy trips in between, but it's still a great place to be.

NikePark was bad. REAL BAD.

At the end, there was nothing but crap. After everybody defected to NikeTalk, it was pretty much an unsaid pact that the situation that manifested itself (at NikePark) would never happen again. We knew what it was all about:

It was for the love of shoes.

There was a post about NikeTalk vets that came up today.

Being a vet has nothing to do with how long you've been here at NikeTalk. It DEFINITELY has nothing to do with the amount of posts you have.

Being a NT Veteran is all about understanding how and why NikeTalk came to be, and by any means neccessary ,avoiding the possibility of becoming another NikePark .

Every time I see some one complaining about NikeTalk , I always think to myself...

"Damn, ya'll really don't know..."

Peace and Adobo Grease
Being a vet has nothing to do with how long you've been here at NikeTalk. It DEFINITELY has nothing to do with the amount of posts you have.

Being a NT Veteran is all about understanding how and why NikeTalk came to be, and by any means neccessary ,avoiding the possibility of becoming another NikePark .

^^^ All true.

"A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn't feel like it."
--Alistair Cooke
I know there are more old schoolers out there. Let's here what you all have to say about Nike Park. I'd like to have this in the archives so that newer members can gain a better understanding of WHY Nike Talk was created and WHY we have the rules that we do.

I'd like to have some input from Meth, Nelson, Krvanch, C Soldia, Nikeville, Plump, Jumpmanst, Pat, AirRev, Collie, JJ, NikerOG, LastNiker, Joe Galvan, Eric Brothers (if you're still out there), Greg from GNW, and anyone else from that "era" of the online sneaker community.

We've got a ton of new members, not only to Nike Talk, but to the sneaker scene as a whole. It would be cool to have some old schoolers drop some science on us. I say "us" because I've been in the shoe game for quite a while, but I haven't been in the online game for as long as some of you! :wink:

Anyway, I don't remember Nikepark ever being REALLY great. It was pretty much the only board at the time, so I guess people just made the best of it. I posted under Mags, MagsXL, and some other names. I was mostly a spectator to the whole thing, though. I saw countless guys get flamed and impersonated. I just felt that I didn't need all the extra stress, so I usually just kept to myself. I spent countless hours on jumpmanst's site and "Jersey Joe's Joint." I was a huge fan of Pat's page and I thought CSoldia's site and Greg's Nikeworld was cool too.

As most people know by now, Nike Park was not moderated. People could say and do anything they wanted. That was cool, BUT there was way too many people who ABUSED that privilege. Flame wars, racial slurs, impersonators and lack of common courtesy just killed the place. So if anyone wants to complain about NT's rules, please send your complaints to the people who ruined it for everyone.

Anyway, my time is short right now. I'd like to write more, but I think there are other NTer's who can give more info on NP more than can... :wink:

PLEASE NOTE: I've got an extremely busy schedule with work as well as my family life. Because of that, I have a large amount of NT related e-mails that I have not replied to as of yet. Please be patient with me. I will do my best to reply to each and every one of them. E-mailing me and asking why I haven't replied to you is only going to slow things down for me. Thanks!

NP was still around when I discovered NT. In fact I can't remember how I discovered NT, but it may have been through NP. However by the time I found NP there were very few posts and most of them were coming from phatpheet try to pawn his fakes as "factory varients." :lol:

Anyway, part of NP's eventual demise was also the fact that the website that the messageboard was hosted on went under. (I know this because they also hosted my old board.)

Needless to say, this is why there are rules, and also why if you really want to see NT survive for a long time, you all need to do your part to support it. This means the following:

1. Respect other NTers and help them if possible.

2. Never commit fraud against a fellow NTer.

3. Always obey the rules when posting.

4. Donate to the community fund if you can. (We have over 10,000 users, surely each of us can afford $1 a year to keep the site banner free.)

5. Don't be a "newbie."


P.S. Regarding #5... this doesn't mean new members aren't welcome. We were all NT Rookies at one point. Being a "newbie" means something different. (Like not following steps 1-3 above.) If you're going to act like an immature jerk, don't bother posting. "Rookies" don't ask stupid questions. "Newbies" just act stupid. There's a big difference.

A person can be a member for less than a day and still offer something positive to the board. Also a person can be here over a year and still act like an idiot. That's the difference between a "Rookie" and a "Newbie."



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