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Sep 4, 2005
Does anyone know where in the Seattle area or Washington State area for that matter that the Do The Right Thing 3s are going to be at?? Thanks goes....425Rep It!!!!
i know capitol is gonna get them cause they are havin a pre-sale, but other than that, im not sure.
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its an LS...so all the usual ls spots. NT, tacoma footaction, capitol, and i wouldnt be surprised to see platinum wear in tacoma
What about the footlocker and finishline at southcenter, do they get ls stuff too?
What are all the LS accounts in Washington cuz I've never seen a published list...anyone wanna make one for the sake of this post? Help us out..thanks yall!!
I dont know if people are camping chances are high because its Seattle, you might wanna try eastbay I think they are getting them correct me if im wrong somone
Here are my Confirmed Jordan LS Accounts:

NT Seattle
Capitol 1524
Finish Line (Tacoma Mall)
Platinum Wear (Tacoma, across the street from Tacoma Mall)

I don't know about Southcenter Mall though...
Can someone post some directions to Capitol 1524 if I'm just walking around the city? From maybe... NT we'll say.
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