Washington Wizards 2016-2017 Season Thread - Thanks for a great season!

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  1. Best year ever: over 60 wins

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  2. Best finish in a generation: between 50 and 60 wins

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  3. A winning season, barely: 43-49 wins

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  4. A losing season: 42-30 wins

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  5. A total disaster, under 30 wins

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  1. Methodical Management

    Methodical Management Administrator Staff Member Co-Founder

    Dec 9, 1999
    Washington Wizards 2016-2017

    regular season RECORD:  49 - 33

    10/27/2016@ Atlanta 7:30 PM  L 99-114
    10/30/2016@ Memphis 8:00 PM  L 103-112
    11/2/2016Toronto7:00 PM  L 113-103
    11/4/2016Atlanta7:00 PM  W 92-95
    11/5/2016@ Orlando 7:00 PM  L 86-88
    11/7/2016 Houston7:00 PM  L 114-106
    11/9/2016Boston7:00 PM  W 93-118
    11/11/2016Cleveland7:00 PM  L 105-94
    11/12/2016@ Chicago8:00 PM  L 95-106
    11/16/2016@ Philadelphia7:00 PM  L 102-109
    11/17/2016New York7:00 PM  W 112-119
    11/19/2016Miami7:00 PM  L 114-111
    11/21/2016Phoenix 7:00 PM  W 101-106
    11/25/2016@ Orlando7:00 PM  W 94-91
    11/26/2016San Antonio7:00 PM  L 112-100
    11/28/2016Sacramento7:00 PM  W 95-101
    11/30/2016@ Oklahoma City8:00 PM  L 115-126
    12/2/2016@ San Antonio8:30 PM  L 105-107
    12/5/2016@ Brooklyn7:30 PM  W 118-113
    12/6/2016Orlando7:00 PM  L 124-116
    12/8/2016Denver7:00 PM  W 85-92
    12/10/2016Milwaukee7:00 PM  W 105-110
    12/12/2016@ Miami7:30 PM  L 101-112
    12/14/2016Charlotte7:00 PM  W 106-109
    12/16/2016Detroit7:00 PM  W 108-122
    12/18/2016L.A. Clippers3:30 PM  W 110-117
    12/19/2016@ Indiana7:00 PM  L 105-107
    12/21/2016@ Chicago8:00 PM  W 107-97
    12/23/2016@ Milwaukee8:00 PM  L 96-123
    12/26/2016Milwaukee7:00 PM  W 102-107
    12/28/2016Indiana7:00 PM  W 105-111
    12/30/2016Brooklyn7:00 PM  W 95-118
    1/2/2017@ Houston8:00 PM  L 91-101
    1/3/2017@ Dallas8:30 PM  L 105-113
    1/6/2017Minnesota7:00 PM  W 105-112
    1/8/2017@ Milwaukee2:00 PM  W 107-101
    1/10/2017Chicago7:00 PM  W 99-101
    1/11/2017@ Boston8:00 PM  L 108-117
    1/14/2017Philadelphia8:00 PM  W 93-109
    1/16/2017Portland2:00 PM  W 101-120
    1/18/2017Memphis7:00 PM  W 101-104
    1/19/2017@ New York8:00 PM  W 113-110
    1/21/2017@ Detroit6:00 PM  L 112-113
    1/23/2017@ Charlotte7:00 PM  W 109-99
    1/24/2017Boston7:00 PM  W 108-123
    1/27/2017@ Atlanta8:00 PM  W 112-86
    1/29/2017@ New Orleans6:00 PM  W 107-94
    1/31/2017New York7:00 PM  W 101-117
    2/2/2017L.A. Lakers7:00 PM  W 108-116
    2/4/2017New Orleans7:00 PM  W 91-105
    2/6/2017Cleveland7:00 PM  L 140-135
    2/8/2017@ Brooklyn7:30 PM  W 114-110
    2/10/2017Indiana8:00 PM  W 107-112
    2/13/2017Oklahoma City7:00 PM  W 98-120
    2/16/2017@ Indiana7:00 PM  W 111-98
    2/24/2017@ Philadelphia7:00 PM  L 112-120
    2/26/2017Utah5:00 PM  L 92-102
    2/28/2017Golden State7:00 PM  W 108-112
    3/1/2017@ Toronto7:30 PM  W 105-96
    3/3/2017Toronto7:00 PM  L 114-106
    3/5/2017Orlando5:00 PM  W 114-115
    3/7/2017@ Phoenix9:00 PM  W 131-127
    3/8/2017@ Denver9:00 PM  W 123-113
    3/10/2017@ Sacramento10:30 PM  W 130-122
    3/11/2017@ Portland10:00 PM  W 125-124
    3/13/2017@ Minnesota8:00 PM  L 104-119
    3/15/2017Dallas7:00 PM  L 112-107
    3/17/2017Chicago7:00 PM  W 107-112
    3/18/2017@ Charlotte7:00 PM  L 93-98
    3/20/2017@ Boston7:30 PM  L 102-110
    3/22/2017Atlanta8:00 PM  W 100-104
    3/24/2017Brooklyn7:00 PM  W 108-129
    3/25/2017@ Cleveland7:30 PM  W 127-115
    3/28/2017@ L.A. Lakers10:30 PM  W 119-108
    3/29/2017@ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM  L 124-133
    3/31/2017@ Utah9:00 PM  L 88-95
    4/2/2017@ Golden State8:00 PM  L 115-139
    4/4/2017Charlotte7:00 PM  W 111-118
    4/6/2017@ New York7:30 PM  W 106-103
    4/8/2017Miami7:00 PM  L 106-103
    4/10/2017@ Detroit8:00 PM  W 105-101
    4/12/2017@ Miami8:00 PM  L 102-110


    4/16/2017Atlanta1:00 PM  W 107-114
    4/19/2017Atlanta7:00 PM  W 101-99
    4/22/2017@Atlanta5:30 PM  L 98-116
    4/24/2017@Atlanta 8:00 PM  L 101-111
    4/26/2017Atlanta 6:00 PM  W 99-103
    4/28/2017@Atlanta 7:30 PM  W 115-99
    4/30/2017@ Boston1:00 PM  L 111-123
    5/2/2017@ Boston8:00 PM  L 119-129
    5/4/2017Boston 8:00 PM  W 89-116
    5/7/2017Boston6:30 PM  W 102-121
    5/10/2017@ Boston8:00 PM  L 101-123
    5/12/2017Boston8:00 PM  W 91-92
    5/15/2017@ Boston8:00 PM  L 105-115

    Failure to Launch

    "Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be."  - John Wooden

    If failure were an art form, the Wizards' ill-fated pursuit of Kevin Durant might just be their masterpiece.  After spending the last several seasons painstakingly avoiding the types of trades and free agent signings that might add talent at the cost of long-term salary cap flexibility, the Wizards entered the summer with only six players under contract and all the salary space they would need to sign Silver Spring native Kevin Durant to his hometown team.  For good measure, the team even signed KD's old coach, Scott Brooks, to a five year, $35 million contract.  No other candidates were interviewed.* 

    The stage was set.  The team's ambitious plans, years in the making, would all come down to arguably the most important pitch in franchise history.  

    Durant refused to even take the meeting.  I can think of no outcome that more perfectly distills the essence of the Washington Wizards organization. 

    (Dramatization of Ernie Grunfeld's pitch to Kevin Durant.)

    After the Wizards' apparent "Plan B," Al Horford, opted to sign with the Boston Celtics, GM Grunfeld felt the best remaining use for the team's long-awaited 2017 cap space would be to sign former Indiana Pacers backup center Ian Mahinmi to a four year, $64 million deal - making him the second highest player on the team, ahead of John Wall and behind only the newly re-signed, maxed out Bradley Beal.  (Who inked a maximum five year, $128 million contract.)

    For the second year in a row, the team revamped its struggling bench.  Gone are those veteran mercs signed last year to one year deals:  Jared Dudley, Gary Neal, and Alan Anderson.  Gone are the oft-injured Nene, reserve point guard Ramon Sessions, and the universally declared class act, Garrett Temple.  In their place, the Wizards added the promising young forward Andrew Nicholson, 2012 "draft and stash" Tomas Satoransky, veteran stiff Jason Smith, and, via trade, former #9 overall pick Trey Burke.

    (The team's final roster spots remain somewhat in flux as of this writing, especially with Ian Mahinmi now out following surgery to repair a partially-torn meniscus.) 

    The rest of the Southeast Division fared little better this summer.  Miami lost both remaining members of their "big three."  Atlanta replaced Al Horford with Dwight Howard.  In a massive overhaul, the struggling Magic traded Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka, signed Bismack Biyombo to a Mahinmi-esque four year, $72 million deal, and replaced the burned out Scott Skiles with Pacers' castaway Frank Vogel.  Charlotte lost Al Jefferson and Jeremy Lin to free agency and the 2017 NBA All Star game to its bigoted legislature.

    Heading into November, the Wizards seem to have the same aspiration as many politicians in this most heated of elections:  be the best (or least objectionable) in a group of bad options.  

    How will they fare - and how will the team's chemistry hold up with the summer's new additions and salary disparities?  

    I hope you'll stick with us as we find out.  After all, mediocrity loves company.

    * And they say the NBA doesn't need a "Rooney Rule." 
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  2. Methodical Management

    Methodical Management Administrator Staff Member Co-Founder

    Dec 9, 1999
    Because we've earned it:

  3. jking0821


    Apr 16, 2007
    In for a year of mediocrity.

    Another year where it will hurt to see Wall get so frustrated with our team knowing i would rather be horrible for a high draft pick then another 8th seed first round exit.
    I hope Trey Burke lives up to some of his potential that i felt he had coming out of college. I hope Oubre gets more minutes and delivers something.

    Other then that...will like to see how Brooks handles the team throughout the year. Hoping everyone can stay relatively healthy....and kinda hoping for a high draft pick next year
  4. Sonny Corinthos

    Sonny Corinthos formerly joeclear

    Nov 23, 2008
    I know it's asking a lot, but I just want Beal to be healthy all season
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  5. jjs07


    Jul 18, 2012
    I just don't know what to make of the 16/17 Wizards. On one hand, while being optimistic, I'm thinking that this team does have the potential to win 50+. That's with optimal health, etc. On the other, while I think they'll be better than the 41-41 record that they posted last season, I think realistically, they'll be around 45/46 wins or so. I mean, the Raptors won 56 some odd games last year, so as KG once put it..."ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEEE." Who knows?

    Wizards have a major upgrade at head coach, so he should be able to get the best out of Wall and Beal while actually developing the younger players. Speaking of the younger players, it was a bit refreshing to see that the team is carrying three undrafted rookies, so there will have to be a heavy emphasis on player development.

    Also, in limited action this preseason, I did like what I saw out of Sato. He's going to be a nice boost to the bench.

    All in all, I do like the makeup of this team. On paper, this is easily the most talented squad in the Wall-era.

    Here are some predictions:

    -Kelly Oubre proves that his preseason was no fluke and ends up starting at some point during the year AND is in the running for the MiP.

    -Otto is not extended due to Oubre's emergence.

    -Despite what the team says to the press, Gortat is expendable and is traded before the deadline. Mahinmi is deemed to valuable to not start.

    -Beal plays 70+
  6. joe cool23

    joe cool23

    Feb 11, 2007
    The anthem this year

  7. extraordinary swag

    extraordinary swag

    Sep 18, 2008
    After last season my expectations are relatively calm. We're not winning 50 games just cuz it seems like that's a hump they just can't ever get over. It's alright though because I still think they're capable of a top 5 seed. I didn't know much about a bunch of these rotation players we got over the summer and seeing them in the preseason they seem to be pretty decent. Nicholson might not be athletic but he finds ways to get buckets, sorta like Al Jefferson. And Satoransky looks pretty damn good and not timid at all. I expect Oubre to make a big contribution on the team this year as a defender and every now and then hit an open three but of course the main thing that matters with this team is Wall and Beal. They need to take this season personally and prove to this fanbase they're as good as they think they are. I expect nothing less from Wall but Beal gotta show me something big this year cuz of that contract.

    My predictions
    - 48 wins
    - conference semi-finals appearance, just not afraid of anyone in the east besides Cleveland so seeding not gonna mean much
    - Beal plays 70+ games
    - Otto will start games but Oubre finishes them by March
    - Markieff Morris has a great year
  8. Methodical Management

    Methodical Management Administrator Staff Member Co-Founder

    Dec 9, 1999
    The Wizards may not be in action until Thursday, but I'm excited for the new season to start tonight.

    It's been interesting to see so many different takes on how the Wizards will fare this year.  Some of you see a weak East and are bullish about the Wizards' chances.  Others expect yet another season of mediocrity, offering, at best, a marginal improvement over last season's 41-41 mark.

    This team really is something of an unknown quantity - not just because the roster is filled with young, unproven players, but because we really have no idea how the Wizards' established starters will perform now that they've been unchained from the anchor that is Randy Wittman.  We don't know where the ceiling is for Wall and Beal, in particular.  It's a pivotal year for both players - and the franchise - in that sense. 

    We've already seen one Wall trade rumor this summer.  I didn't want to make too big a deal of Wall's own free agency, since it's still three years away, but a desperate Ernie is a dangerous Ernie.  In each of the past few seasons, Ernie's job has been on the line and every time, he's made panic trades that mortgage the team's future in exchange for a modest playoff push.  

    If the Wizards' season takes a turn for the worse, I would think the ONLY move that could possibly buy EG more time would be one that initiates yet another total rebuild.

    For me, the true nightmare scenario isn't missing the playoffs - it's extending Ernie Grunfeld.
    A great deal has been made of Brooks' "player development" skills during the preseason, but I wonder how much of that is deserved and how much of it is really a credit to OKC's scouting.

    Really, is the argument that Westbrook, Harden, Reggie Jackson, Serge Ibaka, etc. were just random players who were nurtured into quality starters?  Steven Adams seems to be developing just fine without Scott Brooks.  

    OKC didn't really get anything out of Jeremy Lamb - whose development they were counting on after the Harden deal, Perry Jones III, etc. etc.  It's a difficult argument to substantiate.  It's obviously not all or nothing.  Some players will never develop.  Others would've been stars with or without Brooks.  

    The only claim that can be made with any certainty is that he seems more comfortable with and accustomed to handling player development than did Randy Wittman, but that isn't really saying anything.  Any good coaching staff will try to make their players better, and that's true whether you're fielding a young team or a contending squad of veterans.  (Whatever Wittman's aversion to developing young players, he'd better get over it in a hurry if he ever wants to land another head coaching job.  His only likely opportunities will be coaching college kids or a terrible rebuilding team.)  

    I'm not sold yet that Brooks' player development capabilities are anything to write home about.  He's an upgrade over what we had, for sure, but that's more a testament to what little we had running the show over the past few years than anything else. 

    If KD learns how to play great team basketball this year for the Warriors, I'd say that's a pretty damning knock on Scott Brooks' tenure with the Thunder, wouldn't you? 
  9. ROYGBiV

    ROYGBiV formerly eyeseesoles

    Feb 12, 2010
    Hey meth 😉

    Really going to try and keep up with the Wiz this season. Don't really watch basketball but thought I'd give it a shot.
  10. jjs07


    Jul 18, 2012
    @Methodical Management I'm honestly more worried about the X's & O's from Brooks than his player development. His insane winning % in OKC was due to the fact he was afforded a roster with two generational talents who shared the floor. He's going to have his work cut out for him with the Wizards. When he was hired here in DC, along with the supposed premise that KD would possibly be playing here (LOL,) the word was that Brooks was an excellent developer of young talent. This was one of Randy's many shortcomings. For example, he played some games w/ Otto and yo-yo'd him until he had no choice but to play the kid. Oubre was glued to the bench. It goes on and on. I wonder how much further both guys would be along with their development had the Wizards employed a coach with foresight/patience for coaching/teaching younger players. We were literally giving guys minutes on the roster who had no upside or future with the team. Rather than playing some of the young talent, letting them take their lumps, and LEARNING from their mistakes, they were never afforded the opportunity to do so unless Randy's hand was forced.

    If all goes well, there is no reason why this Wizards team can't float around 50 wins. They pieced together 41 last year with an uneven roster, bad coaching, amongst other things. Again, this all goes back to things going relatively well for the Wizards. Decent health, player cohesion, etc. I'm going to forget that this is a roster that EG put together and really focus on the positives I see with Brooks and the rest of the team. Blank slate for everyone (not named EG.) For now. :lol:
  11. Methodical Management

    Methodical Management Administrator Staff Member Co-Founder

    Dec 9, 1999
    Welcome!  I don't think this is the team to make you love NBA basketball, but we're happy to have you here and I hope you'll enjoy hanging out with us this season.  

    If nothing else, nobody will ever accuse you of being a bandwagon fan.  
    With only one head coaching stint under his belt, there's no simple way to determine what portion of the Thunder's success should be attributed to Scott Brooks.  Did he really develop the team's nucleus?  It's difficult to make that argument.  It's not like Harden hasn't improved since he left OKC, or Reggie Jackson hasn't improved in Detroit, for example.  Nor is it the case that he's had a universally uplifting effect on every young player with whom he's crossed paths.  

    It's easier to criticize him for X's & O's, and, to be honest, I don't know if anyone outside of the Wizards front office is expecting much from him in that department.  The book on the Thunder - and their ultimate destruction - is all about misused talent.  This was a team that had all the talent in the world, yet they couldn't figure out a way to effectively share the ball and create high percentage scoring opportunities when it mattered most.  

    The relative success of Billy Donovan - who I don't think of as a visionary "X's & O's" coach - doesn't really do Brooks any favors.  

    Brooks has tallied plenty of career W's as a head coach, but, because those wins are inseparable from Durant/Westbrook, he's still somewhat unproven - certainly more so than was Flip Saunders when he was brought in, and we all know how that worked out.  

    I consider Brooks an improvement primarily in the sense that he's not Randy Wittman.  It helps, too, that Brooks doesn't really have the option to do Randy Wittman things this year.  There is no Rasual Butler or Jared Dudley on this roster to siphon minutes away from players with an actual future.  On the other side of the coin, there's no Paul Pierce on this roster, either, to lead by example.  There is no championship experience here.  

    Still, you have to like the concept of using a non-contending "growth" season to build some players up as low-cost assets, which are an increasingly important commodity in a league that has no real "middle class."  We need as many players as possible who are capable of playing above their pay grade.  Whether Brooks can actually nurture talent or not, the best teacher is often experience - and we have plenty of positions to fill here in Washington.  Regardless of who winds up starting, there should be ample minutes for the young guys.  

    We won't get anywhere unless at least one of them has a breakout season.  Brooks may not lift them up, but he won't stand in their way, either.  For now, that's good enough. 
  12. jking0821


    Apr 16, 2007
    Agree with you Meth

    Its nice that we don't have any mediocre vets to suck up the minutes (andre miller comes to mind). Whittman seemed to prefer the journeymen who had no future with the team over young talent.

    I admittedly don't know too much about how Brooks runs an offense. But in OKC when it got into crunch time it always turned into hero ball. Down 4 with 2 minutes left....iso KD...he misses ok next time down the court....iso Russel....ok he missed...next time down the court....iso KD...I don't know if that was a case of having players that were that good and trusting them or if it was them taking the ball and thinking they could win the games alone. I don't know how much of that blame is Brooks vs the players. All that to say if Brooks runs an offense and we buy in it has to be better than Wittman :lol:
  13. mrtarheel


    Oct 5, 2012

    Here we go
  14. jjs07


    Jul 18, 2012
    Nothing from Beal, Wall, and Porter tonight...also, I'm not sure why Sato isn't getting more minutes. Especially over Marcus Thornton.

    Just one game, but there is a lot this team needs to work on.
  15. extraordinary swag

    extraordinary swag

    Sep 18, 2008
    New season, same problems as last year. Turnovers, no bench and couldn't defend a 3 to save our lives

    What I'd give for this team to play exactly like the Hawks do but our players 6-12 are really really lacking. Thornton is worthless out there
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  16. frshstunna


    Jan 30, 2010
    9th to 11th place wizards
  17. madj55


    Dec 6, 2008
    What a depressing franchise.
  18. Methodical Management

    Methodical Management Administrator Staff Member Co-Founder

    Dec 9, 1999
    I was wondering the exact same thing.  We just got finished talking about how glad we were to get rid of Wittman, who kept playing pointless veterans ahead of players with an actual future... and now we've got Marcus Thornton out there getting heavy minutes.  Why?!

    The only thing I could think of, as someone who hasn't watched that much of Satoransky's game, is that Brooks wanted Thornton out there to help space the floor, but I would much rather have Satoransky out there for defense and rebounding. 

    I still don't understand how, with as many games as Beal has missed, the Wizards could assemble a team with such little depth at shooting guard.  It's insane.  

    It's just one game, Wall clearly wasn't at 100%, and Mahinmi is out, but it's not a positive sign.  Especially when Wall isn't 100%, you want Bradley Beal to go out there and play like he's the highest paid player in the building.  He certainly didn't do that tonight.

    And I'm already sick of Jason Stiff.
  19. frshstunna


    Jan 30, 2010
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  20. jking0821


    Apr 16, 2007
    Jason Smith....why are you on our team? Honestly

    tough game 1...