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So I decided to listen to WTT off random chance today and saw that it released two years tomorrow or today for people that know how to use the Internet.

So after two years what does everyone think about this album in terms of quality now that it's had two years to settle in. For me the one thing that has changed is how I view KanYes contributions to the album. When it first released and for a long time after, my only issue with the album was that there was a little too much KanYe, not only in terms of the rapping but the overall sound of the album. That's changed however, I've come around on a lot of the verses and he had a lot to do with my favorite tracks. Who Gon Stop Me doesn't happen without KanYe, there would be no dubstep sample on a Jay album without him and that's the best beat on there as well as the best track IMO and Gotta Have It was the track where I feel they worked the best together on. It had a perfect dynamic just to name a couple.

The album still sounds great to me
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Murder to Excellence is the only song I still listen to from that album. The album was cool, but I have no desire to revisit it two years later 
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I really like it for what it was.  Only song I don't care for is "Made in America"  It was crazy how this album didn't leak at all, everyone was searching the net for it prior to it releasing.  Add to that, the WTT tour was great!!


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i overlooked this and BP3 b/c jay was soundin like s*** around those times.

since i've been thoroughly impressed with MCHG, i've gone back and listened to a few tracks on WTT and it seems jay was doin his thing on that album. waaaaaay too much ye' on there for me to enjoy it tho.

whether or not i'll check for WTT2 is a gametime descision. jay came back roun but i aint the type of dude that can listen to kanye.


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Average. Haven't bumped it in forever but I do enjoy Kanye more than Jay on this.
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Really enjoyed the album... Probably didn't completely fall out of my rotation until late last year or early this year.

I'll remember it most because of the WTT concert which was hella dope and the Otis record and video. Far as songs... Otis,NIP,Murder to Excellence, Gotta Have It and a few others will never get old to me.

two zero five

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Time flies... i mess with the whole album tho

Why I Love You... :smokin :smokin
****** In Paris :smokin
Otis :smokin
Gotta Have It :smokin:smokin
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Still find the album to be about half dope and half average. The songs I like I really enjoy but the other half are songs I don't see myself ever listening to again.
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