WBMH vol. who are yours?

Joined Jul 29, 2006
aiite NT me and my homeboy got bored and decided to come up with a list.
the categories are as follows.

(for some reason it took forever for us to figure this out, like it was actually gonna happen 

and no i dont condone cheating, we just came up wit this list cause we were bored

Wifey ( self explanatory )

BootyCall ( never meet in public, only meet for 

Mistress ( go on dates, public places, smash etc)

Homegirl WB (  someone you could kick it with, with your friends, very casual )


- if you contribute, must post pics for each category

- cant use the same person twice.

- keep it civil  

mine are as follows

wifey: Jarah Mariano

BootyCall: Aki Hoshino

Mistress: Ashley Greene

HomeGirlWB: Jenny Chu

who would you pick NT?
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