Websites to purchase cheap authentic soccer jerseys?

Joined Feb 16, 2009
Trying to cop a few authentic nike club jerseys but not trying to pay $80 plus. Anyone know of any spots or websites? I'm in Dallas if anyone know of any local spots.
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You can try you will get a few bucks off the price tag but nothing significantly big. Or you can always cop the previous season kits
......ebay is full of fakes so beware.
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well if you can tell the difference between fakes and authentics id say look on ebay, other than that you probably wont find much for THAT good of a price 
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for 80 bucks you are getting the replica, not the authentic..

Dallas has a great store called 'premier sports, its on harry hines about 2 blocks north from the intersecton of harry hines and royal lane..
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