Week 10 Appreciation: Air Jordan X Collections...etc

Dec 14, 1999
Sorry for the delay guys....I was out of town, and didn't have access to my computer. But enough with the excuses...Let's get Week 10 rollin...

1995: MJ retires....from Baseball, and goes back to his day job. Sure, there were signs of rust, but you can't forget the Double Nickel he gave Spike's beloved Knicks, or the buzzer beater he hit in Atlanta. The X was another underrated shoe. Mainly because MJ wasn't in it for long before he broke out the classic XI's. However, the regional colorways of the X's remains some of the most sought after Air Jordans today. To have a complete set of all original 8 AJX's, is something ANY shoe head can appreciate!






Latest Addition: White/Black/Columbia blue

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Here are my Originals I do have retro's but I am too lazy to go take pics.

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Here are mine.

I only have 2 pair of the OG's.

Here are my retros.

Here are the Ice Blues by themselves.

I also have some Tee's to go with em, will post pics of them later.
Wanted: Jordan OG boxes from I-XI. Get at me if anyone is selling.

Been wearing Jordans since Jordan wore Converse at North Carolina !!!!!!

I'm that Punjabi guy!
I was going to post my X's when my bra' started his own post, but someone else wanted to be the first to post and locked his. Here are my X's. Only 1 OG in original box.

It ain't where your from its where you at. I'm right where I want to be.
^co-sign to that

Im a dark filipino if that matters...
* reserves spot * to post pics later......

lboiczo , that's wack son.. step yo game up lil sonnny'
bif sale them to me.......

I only had 1 pair of the retroes and those were Ice Blues but when I got my 1st pair of OG X's...the Powders i was so disgusted with the retro model i sold them.

here are my X's....


Now these are Shadows u c?

DS Orlandos are in route to me.
i REALLY dislike the steels, shadows, Sactowns and ALL the retroes...but i LOVE all the other regionals...mitch richmonds Sactown PE's(same colorblocking as the other regionals) are probably the best jordan PE that i've ever seen tho...
Nothing Special but I WEAR it :smokin

OH and are these for sale? MY SIZE! :smokin

bifl43 how much? :smokin

I would post mine but all I got are some retro Steels and retro black/blacks, and I am too lazy to post.
^i had 3 DS size 6 pairs 2 i sold and one I gave to my girl

buy simply_gq's pair its a sz 10
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