Week 18 Appreciation: Air Jordan XVIII Collections...etc

Dec 14, 1999
What is Love? The ad campaign for the XVIII almost made the shoe that much better. It made you look at MJ's career and everything that lead to his farewell shoe. Despite being somewhat a boring design, you had to look closely at the small details to truely appreciate the shoe. The air vent flaps on the ankle, the carbon fiber insole, the metalic mesh liner, the memory mold ankle cushioning, metal tipped laces...That's all without even putting the shoe on. In my opinion, the XVIII was one of the most comfortable Jordans I've ever put on. Anyways, show your love for the XVIII.





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Nice stuff guys. I have the red/white XVIII and the black/royalblue ones. But i dont know how to post pics so............... :stoneface:
The XVIII were one of my favorites. They had a smooth design and had a nice flow to them. Here are mine. ENJOY.
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hurrs my pairs... these are amazing on the court... my ball class gym has a dusty floor, when i were i melos its like a hockey rink but when i ball in these hot peice of sole, i snap ankles

im some what of a newb to nike talk but not JB, can sumwun help me post up my pics and can you tell me how... thanks in advance

^ I'll help you out.


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