WeFunk Radio - iTunes channel

May 3, 2007
Any fans?

These guys bring the real with the hip hop, funk, some jazz and just everything from ATCQ, KRS, Prince, Parliament, James Brown.

For those who don't know its a iTunes radio channel started by these two college students/DJs in Montreal and it's been running Friday nights for atleast 7-8 years. They stream old episodes nonstop on iTunes.

A couple weeks ago they had a guest in the industry telling all the stories behind Prince and his whole music empire especially all the girls like Apollonia(Prince named her that because he was a huge fan of the character in the Godfather film).

I found a site that archives their latest shows but I haven't found their permanent archive that they mention they have in an interview available fordownloading. The DJs themselves say the archives are there for that purpose but I still can't find em.
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