Welcome SheGotGame to the NikeTalk staff

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Dec 8, 1999
Please join me in welcoming SheGotGame to the NikeTalk staff.

She's been an asset to our community for several years as a member, and we're looking forward to the contribution she's sure to make as a member of our staff.

Though SheGotGame will serve as a moderator throughout the NikeTalk community, we can primarily expect to see her making the rounds in our General and Music forums.

I'd like to thank her for selflessly volunteering her time to help us ensure that NikeTalk remains the safe, respectful community that we all deserve.

Good work & congrats !

Congrats, Shegotgame.

I'm guessing you don't have to be great in Madden '04 to become a mod.


Im livin proof that crime do pay.
^ LOL you ain't right HEAD.
I'm not bad, you're just nice..yeah that is a compliment. One of these days man...

she better get extra security
I dunno...I just have the odd feeling that I'm the only mod who was "jumped in". They said it was standard procedure... :frown:

Did they make you take an oath? Swear upon a Sole
Provider book, that sort of thing?
SheGotGame, could you answer my question from the locked post?

What do you mean by "jumped in"?

We're always mindful of the future and we keep our eyes open for members who exhibit the necessary qualities to successfully moderate NT.

What's most important to remember, though, is that one doesn't need to be moderator access to serve as a positive influence on the community.

Perhaps more than anything, we need a core of veteran users who will help us maintain a quality environment - people that will set a positive example and help new users adjust to the community.

Odds are that 7 out of every 10 people here today won't be here two years from now. How new users adjust to the community represents what this community will be like in the future. If new users see disrespect, that's how they'll adapt to fit in.

When we see self-proclaimed 'veterans' who give sophomoric, sarcastic answers to 'newbie' posts - guess how that new user will handle similar posts when he or she has a little experience? Negativity breeds negativity.

Kids aren't tempted to emulate anyone perceived as an authority, but they will emulate their peers.

We need people who care about the community first and foremost. People who aspire to moderator positions due to whatever ridiculous notion they have about prestige, respect, or status would be disabused of that notion in a HURRY if they were ever accepted.

If you want to make NT a better place, you don't need to campaign for the opportunity - you just do it.


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Thanks for the reply Method Man.

If you want to make NT a better place, you don't need to campaign for the opportunity - you just do it.
I agree and I believe i already am, at least i hope so.
While we're on the discussion of mods, can one of you please remove that disgusting pic on page 4 of the "post pics of yourself" located in the archive :lol:

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