Well I Do This Every Year. My T&F times for the end of the season

Jul 18, 2008
atleast the school season
i run the 800m and 400m and 4x4
2a HS in texas
Im at the end of my sophomore year. 15 y/o
yesterday at regionals i came in 5th and ran a PB 2:02.13 800m
a couple of weeks ago i ran a 53.79 400m into wind at my district track meet(last time i actually ran it trying)
that was prelims, in finals i ran a 54.04 slipping/stumbling out of my blocks because i had no one to hold them down

anyway what you guys think? last year my best times were 2:10 and 55
you're pretty fast my dude. keep up the good work, especially this summer. summers are big for track runners, because most dudes will be loafing but youcan you can use the time to train/run AAU and you'll blow everyone away (nh) with your speed come track season.

did you stop running the 2? i think i remember you posting 200m times last year.
no i never ran the 200m...i suck at that for some odd reason.
I run a 4.6 flat 40 tho but ill update that when i do it again in 2 weeks...but thanks...i should be running aau..not sure tho
since my mom will be gone alot

at dre
Pretty decent 800 time.

Those 400 times need to drop though. Good 400 runners can make GREAT 800 runners.

I won't even post my HS times.
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