[| -- Well I'm glad Ricky & Avery did a damn video for "On Top Of The World" (PICS) -- |]

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Originally Posted by MikeScarn

how are they going to edit the hook for the video?
I swear, soon as I saw this thread, I said "What Ross gon' dowith the hook?"

Hope the vid is as good as the song.

chi ill

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This is Rich off Cocaine right ?

If so ...

Video is about to be EPIC .

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They could easily swap 'cocaine' for 'the game' or something - cuz I'm rich off cocaine the game(the game) and I'm not coming down
.Will see
. That song is so piff tho. Miami nights...I'm Livin...I'mLivin...

That video, from the still shots, look kinda hood...so maybe they wont change anything and it'll be a straight to World Star and Youtube video.
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