What additional forum(s) should NikeTalk have?

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
Joined Sep 28, 2008
What forum do you think Niketalk should have that it doesn't right now?

Flamethrower forum?
:pimp: forum?
Da forum (anything having to do with Wash Heights, Ninjahood, Nutcrackers, & muskets)?
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Ja's 2¢

formerly vcshoxj6
Joined Jun 20, 2001
None. This ain't $C where every little thing gets a forum :x :smh:
Joined Sep 17, 2006
gambling section. you post a bet, get someone to middle man the money in their paypal account... winner gets a refund plus the other guys money :smokin

we save on juice, and I can take advantage of all the Heat fans on here

rex ryan

Joined Nov 1, 2011
Racial relations and conflicts section, word to a good chunk of the posts that have been appearing in general.
Joined Jun 5, 2013
I personally think there should be a judiciary forum where people who break the terms of service are judged on their "crimes" or "misdemeanors" and given a proper sentence or punishment or even banishment, thus allowing the community to be more democratic and not place so much power in the hands of the mods, but then again that's why we have mods...I think if a person does something wrong on NT, they should know more than one person thinks they did something wrong and not just be against one mod or something...idk just a thought
Joined Apr 4, 2008
B/h/s would be nice for passes

Smoking section would be cool if u could 3d print bud

Maybe add a forum for all the dumb arguments religion kobe brons hairline etc
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