What age do you HIT your sexual prime at??

Dec 29, 2006
ya boy just had a triple double :pimp:
...feel like I'm on the moon. I just turned 23 between.
Team Negrodamus​
You had sex with 3 people whos ages were double digits?

Color me unimpressed.

Team Pacific Northwest

Having sex with your pregnant girl, is like putting gas in a car that you've already wrecked.​
probably 30 but I"m amazing now and I"m 22
Budden is a beast and a half.

Team Negrodamus​
the day i lost my v-card
Yea I'm gonna go ahead and be confident and my abilities and say that I'm a beast at 19..
VA All Day
I'm gonna go with 18 because I had a great summer and I'm having a great college year in terms of girls. If not than 16 and to 18 because I was with this girl for those 2 years and we had ridiculous amounts of sex.
Dream Like You'll Live Forever, But Live Like You'll Die Tomorrow!
even though i was with one bad chick until recently and pulverized her for 2 years, I would have to say my sophomore year in college. I was like a rabbit, I had sex with at least 10 different girls and on the magnificent day of 02/18/2005 I got with 4 girls on one day. This was when i was 20

I literally ran out of juice that night

sorry if i seem dramatic about it, but it still brings tears to my eyes
I feel that everytime I have sex i'm at my prime.

When I was younger I def felt like a rookie. These days I feel like Michael Jordan in the 4th quarter, and hit em with the Doug E Fresh.
I'm 20.

I'm not going to sit here and toot my own horn, but every girl I've ever had sex with has always been back for a lot more. I'm sure I could improve thought, like maybe start caring more if they get off.

- Tical.
It has to start somewhere...
It has to start sometime...
What better place than here?
What better time than now?
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