what are NT best moments?

b smooth 202

Dec 21, 2004
Back when Ocks made comics whenever something went down in general
The Goonies era....it's still //b_o...but not the same
Mar 2, 2009
Wow you really sat there and looked up nt "best moments"
May 4, 2005
the Smash Parker Story (Smushcalade)

xxhu5sl1npnoyxx wrote:

well basically after the whole incident went down i went ghost, i just went back to my mom's house and hid in my old room for weeks, so my ex started hitting my mom up, like what happened to him, rent is due next month, my moms was like, go to hell....

so one day shes banging on my moms house door yelling my name to come outside,my moms finally lets her in, she comes into my room and i was about to just start beating her, but instead i jumped out my window and started running down the street lol...

so fast forward 2 months later im sitting at panda express, and this woman comes up to me like are you so and so, and serves me with a order to appear in court, im like this chick is suing me....

so then she hits me up on myspace like, yo, im willing to take you to court to get this rent money, i need a place to live, then she threatened to use some stuff i did in the past against me, i was like forget that, ill take u to court, but then my moms was really nervous i would lose and have to pay her out my pocket...

so i get a call a couple of weeks later from christinas court saying our case was so damn funny we gotta get u 2 on tv, im like how much u payin, they offered 500, but i had to go to houston, but then judge judy's people called me and offered 1000, but then judy didnt want the case so we were sent to joe brown who paid 500, who only ended up payin me 250 btw...

so the day of the taping the producers basically told us wat to do and said if we didnt do it they wouldnt pay us, they told me they would pay her and it wouldnt go against my credit and what not, and she could never legally sue me again, so after i got blasted during the whole taping by joe brown, she won and was happy....

then after the taping, this girl had the audacity to thank me in the parking lot for me losing and even asked me if i was interested to move back in.. i gave her the biggest stoneface ever... since that day i have never ever talked or tried to see her again...

lol yah it is funny now, but trust me everybody, going through that was crazy, when i first told my boys, they all ran out the room laughing..

shoot i might as well tell the whole story now:

so basically one day i told her i was going to go stay at my moms place, cause ever since i moved out, i hadnt really been home to visit... so im going about my business and my girl calls me, like babe guess who i met today at work? im like, "who?" shes like smush parker, i then continued to clown like hes unemployed, blah,blah, that hes a bum basically... then shes like no hes nice he gave me his auto and phone number, but i didnt accept it, so im like thats nice and continue on with my day...

so i didnt call her n e more becasue i was busy, and she didnt call me again, so around 1 am that night, i was making a anniversary gift for her, i kno SMH @ me.. and i needed something from the apt, so i figured ill go pick it up and get some quick sex..

soooooooooo..... i drive up to the apartment, pull into the parking garage, and parked in my spot is a frickin escalade, custom escalade, we all know what its called.. so i sit in my car and i put my head down on the steering wheel, like i already know...

so i walk up to the door and open it, our bedroom is right next to the entrance of the front door, i hear some sum noises going on in the bedroom, i swing open the door, and smush is smashing my girl, his tats exposed, she sees me, pushes him off, get under the cover and is like,"what are you doing here?"

im like, i live here.... and smush is sitting there like.. ok, this is awkward, and shes like its not what it looks like babe, i just turn around and walk out the door.. so i get outside, and im sittin on the steps and i call my closest homeboy who was in ATL at the time, hes like, "take a bat to the smushcalade.." im like nah, so i just go home... shes texting me the whole night saying stuff like i was lookin at his tats and it was nothing, and so on.....

so like 2 days later, she has him call me and say nothing happened and even tried to invite me to a partyat kwames house... im like, man its ok if you didnt know but i dont want her no more, you can have her... and that was basically it... im tellign you all this is true lol... who and why would anyone make this up lol....

EDIT: it was hard for a couple months, the story spread amongst the people i knew, every time i would play someone in any nba game, they made sure to use the lakers, casue he was kind of still on their roster and only play with him to clown on me...

Apr 2, 2009
Didn't u and some others get suspended for doing that Hood Talk while NT was down or sometime last year?
May 9, 2006
The Smush Parker story definitely had me rollin. I remember I fell out of my computer chair after I read it for the first time.

de phx jose

Feb 1, 2009
before 01/06/09. oh that's when you joined

just playing
i'm gonna read some of these now
Apr 15, 2008
alot of the moments you guys listed suck......i been here since 03-04....soo much stuff in that time!
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