What Are Some Good Car Cleaning Products?

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Just copped a new whip last week and wanted to know if anyone could recommend some good cleaning products. I used to use MaGuires sp* for my last ride andthought it worked pretty good. Any good wheel and tire cleaners would be a help too.
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McGuire's might not be the best across the board but they have mastered the art of marketing to the individual. Professional car care people might use someof their products. And they have something for EVERYTHING. Mother's and PoorBoys has great products too. Most people I speak to stay away from Turtle Waxstuff.

Interior: detail brush, vacuum and I like to use McGuire's interior wipes. They don't leave a sticky or shiny residue like armor all ones. I do not usea single armor all product on my car.

Exterior: McGuire's Gold Class car wash (there are others you can use too). Waffle-weave microfiber drying towel (the big yellow one from Target).Microfiber sponge (try not to drop it on the floor).

Wheels: Simple Green, spray over wheel, tire and wheel well, let sit for 30 seconds and spray it all to hell, don't let it dry and make sure you rinse itall off. I use a separate sponge to clean the wheels but the same soap. I also use a brush first to get the heavy stuff off. I use Black Magic tire shine withthe foam applicator, no sling-off that I can detect. I don't use rim shining stuff but you can look into that.

Detailing: McGuires or Mother's Clay Bar kit. I haven't found a polish I have strong feelings about love or hate. Then I use McGuire's NXT waxcause it's also a sealant (so you can skip a step).

think that's everything.
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For interior I use Tough Stuff..or Tuff Stuff, can't remember the exactly spelling. But it gets oil stains, coffee stains out of any upholstery.
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Eagle one A 2Z Wheel and tire cleaner is great stuff and the wash with the micro wax is good too
Megs Gold class wash
Clay bar-mothers is good use a good spray detailer for lube
polish/compound - Poor Boys SSR 1 and 2.5 , people are loving Meg 105 and 205 , and Zaino makes good stuff also but its personal preference
wax/Sealants- Pinnacle Souveran is awsome , Poor Boys -Nattys blue
For Carpets use folex for spots it tremendous .
I like Megs- High endurance tire shine lasts a while and wont brown the tires

Oh and if you want to really detail you car look into getting a Porter-Cable dual action polisher

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What I use.

Undercarriage: Simple Green (diluted) spray and rinse.

Engine: Simple Green(diluted) scrubdown, then rinse off and coat it with Armor All (Natural Finish Spray Bottle) use that Armor All only otherwise you will geta greasy feel to it.

Wheel Wells (Take the Wheels off): Simple Green(diluted) scrubdown and a powerwash rinse. May need to repeat based on how caked the dirt is on the well.

Wheels (while off): P21s Wheel Gel. Use it once and you will never go back to anything else again.

Tires: Westley's Bleach White you may need to repeat passes depending on how dirty your tires are. For shine use Meguiars NXT Tech Tire Aerosol spray.

Windows: First get a separate clay bar and a extra bottle of QD for them (Megs is what I prefer) then spray the window with Stoners Invisible Glass Cleaner(Aerosol) and clean the windows. After you do that then clay bar the windows. After that use Stoners again and after that (lol) WAX your windows. (Yes I saidWax your windows.) (For every wax application, I like to use a PC 7424)
Have a separate applicator pad for your windows, lights, and chrome trim. Dont ever use the same pad on the paint.

For black plastic trim: Back to Black FTW!


1.) Wash your vehicle with Dawn.

2.) Clay Bar the paint.

3.) Gloss It Extreme Cut

4.) Gloss It Regular Cut

5.) Gloss It polish

6.) Concorso Wax

(All waxes, compounds, and polishes are to be applied with a DA. I use a PC 7424 with several Lake Country Pads. Blue, White, Orange.)


Headliner: Oxy Foaming cleaner.

Leather: Steam then the Lexol Cleaner and then Conditioner

Dash Board and all other plastics: Automotive windex.

Rugs: Bissel Little Green Machine.

Hope this helps. Any other detail questions do not hesitate to ask.
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Anything from these brands:

Griot's Garage

Coming from an auto detailer. Don't mess with Armor-all or Simoniz.
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Mine is a beater that needs paint so I don't mess with clays, polishes, and waxes.

For soap, I use Megs Deep Crystal Car Wash.
For wheels/tires, I use Eagle One A2Z Wheel & Tire Cleaner. It works wonders.
For tire dressing, I rotate between Megs Hot Shine Gel and NXT Generation Insane Shine Tire Coating, depending on the shine I want and how long I want it tolast. The Insane Shine lasts a long time. Srsly.
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^ You dont not need to go through that much to clean windows.

Glass cleaner and newspaper is all you need. Claybar on windows? Seriously?

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Originally Posted by 10 Piece Nuggets

^ You dont not need to go through that much to clean windows.

Glass cleaner and newspaper is all you need. Claybar on windows? Seriously?
Yeah, you clay bar the windows to get all the tiny specs of dirt that you can't see. Then wax them to have the water repel and bead off them.I dont know about you guys but I don't like to do a detailing half assed.
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I mix between Meguiars and Mothers. I'll use Meguiars tire shine, but use mothers cleaner wax and clay bar kit. I actually usu Duragloss car wash soap asit cleans and shines the car.

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