What are the chances of Nike bringing these bad boys back..


Sep 8, 2006

These are easily one of my favorite basketball shoes of the 90's, the Air Aggress Force. I see them mentioned every now and then by one person when a"What should Nike Bring Back?.." thread pops up, but there never seems to be much enthusiasm. Also, Google searches yield few results unlike manybasketball shoes from the late 90's, they don't seem to be available at all on vintage sites/eBay.

They were so comfortable and I rocked the hell out of mine as a youngin.. would love a fresh pair.
Word, never heard of Deadstockoriginals, thanks! Looks like they aren't as hard to come by as I thought
Would one need to be concerned with wearing these deadstock or are they good to go??
i hate when dudes ask for the most random shoes
if you like them more power to you, but these wont sell well, these would bomb....HARD..... thentheres dozens of other shoes that need to be retroed before this.
the black and blue colorway is way better. Had them in middle school around 99. 1st sneaker I bought over a $100 with my own money. I was injuring necks.

sad story: my air bubble popped 2 years later when I stepped on a nail. I was crushed
man nike just needs to retro all the damn bball shoes of the 90s.. well never get quality kicks like that ever again
Not one of the more sought after shoes. The upside is that with a bit of effort, you might get a decent pair for a good price.
Air More Uptempo
Air Pillar
Shake N Destrukt

And I think NT will be happy for awhile.
my buddy the air bubble in his pair with a push pin in middle school. Brings back memories. i would probably copp these if they retroed, my buddy had the exactsame colorway.
Just b/c a shoe came out in the 90s does not mean that it is heat and it does not mean that nike should retro it.
Originally Posted by maicolkickhead

is Deadstockoriginals.com a legit site?????????????
they seem to have some heat
very tempted to copp

nope, it is actuaLl fakE. i posted it to Gloat about the fake shoes there. yes, IT is a fake site.

my apologies.

Air More Uptempo
Air Pillar
Shake N Destrukt


I like, i like. great list!

green/neon pillars and navy/yellow pillars and hell even the grey/silver pillars
green/purple carnivores i have been and still am patiently waiting for. Nike if you're reading this, please don't F this retro up.
and i NEED white/red air more uptemos and the olympic colorway
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