What Are You Doing Tonight NT?

Nov 10, 2007
friday night and i'm stuck inside studying
. it's not bad iguess, i didn't have anything planned anyways. what are other NTers up to?
Just eating dinner and catching up on NT. I'm tired as hell from work, so I'm turning in soon.
i had work

came home


chilled with the neighbor

now im going to bed to wake up mad early tomorrow
my usual friday night. stoned. no friends. no females. tv off. bottle a water next to me. some itunes action.
At the house for tonight, my girl went on vacation with her fam for the weekend....

so im going to just ice a sprained ankle, burn one, hit up mcdonalds then sleep
went to my girls place and got some dinner

they turned on ghostbusters and her and her roommate started playin some game on the computer

i left and went to the bar

bar closed and now i'm drunk gettin some laughs in before bed
Turned off my phone so I purposely stay home tonight cus ive been gettin stupid faded almost every night. My best homey is kickin itwith his ex tonight and our best homegirl hit me up to see what im doin tonight but im tryna avoid her cus my my best homey and her are messing around so Idont want to do nuthn with her that ill regret even though my homey gave me the blessing and she sucked me up last weekend. Bros before %$@%...
Just finished some stuff for work and read 120 pages of Gatsby today.Probably could have finished it but I actually made myself productive on my day off today
. Business before pleasure, I'm set for the weekend
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