What are you East Coast NTers going to do about the FOOT of snow dropping tomorrow?


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Originally Posted by Nyota de la star

Originally Posted by CaponeCartels

almost fell in a foot of snow when trying to get to IHOP.

same thing happened to my baby sister. She almost got swallowed up.
I underestimated how much snow was in my way.
People were looking at me from inside like

Someone also left a taxi stranded in the middle of the road.
Random as hell.
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wait whens the snow suppose to hit im lookin a the hourly forecast here not a flake dropping at all
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Snow is up to my knees almost, and I'm 5'10. 

I work for D.C. Government as well.  Since Metro wont have ANY ABOVE GROUND Stations open tomorrow I'm not driving into D.C. tomorrow.  They wont see me until Wednesday

via, DC.GOV
[*]On Monday, Feb 8, DC Public Schools will open 2 hours late. Offices will open 1 hour late.

If Fenty knows what is good for him.  He will shut down the agencies.  I cant wait to post out to the Feds. 
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You know Pepco and these people plowing these SNOW routes are on that !%%$!$%$.

I do not like doing 180 spins on safety routes.
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That's really ridiculous!I bet a lot of kids won't show up though.
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