What Are Your Most Wanted/Fantasy Collab Albums?

Joined Aug 24, 2005
I know collaboration albums usually suck (Best of Both Worlds
) but Ithink these would all work (in theory):

1. Eminem & Kid Rock

flame me if you want, I know both of these artists are love/hate on NT but I think this would be a classic
or maybe its just the hometown bias

2. Jay-Z & The Roots

kinda like the Unplugged album, but original material, plus Jay and Black on some back and forth +*@*

3. Nas & AZ
nothing more to say, never gonna happen cuz both of these dudes are too busy sittin at home doing nothing to get on the same page

4. Dom & Wale
I know, I know, its not gonna happen, but I can see these 2 dudes as the future of hip-hop and I think they could make some real dope music together

Bonus for NT:
5. Jewels, Henz & Illi
y'allready know
with Plan and Time producing

comment on mine and post your own!
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You mean Plan and Flu
with a little touch of Mez1

Vintatge Nas & Premo

Another Ghost & Rae Ironman/OB4CL type album

I kinda forgot all of my fantasy collab album cuz I know they aint gonna happen

@ your first one. Not just Jewels and Illi but J Diction and the restof who's in E2
Joined Jun 1, 2008
Drake & Kanye
The-Dream & Andre 3K
Nas & AZ
Hov & The Clipse w/ All Tracks Produced By The Neptunes


Joined Apr 3, 2009
Vinnie Paz
Kool G Rap
The rest of AOTP

Produced by Stoupe.

That would be so ill those dudes should not even be allowed to talk to each other, word to Chino XL and Killah Priest on one track
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Great topic bro!

For me it would be:

1.) NaS & Scarface- This would just be an amazingly deep yet dark album.
2.) Andre 3000 & Kanye West- This would be an interesting, but
album none the less.
3.) Jay-Z & NaS- I mean a whole album with both of them would just be priceless. (and hopefully not full ofdisappointment.)

4.) T.I. & Young Jeezy- Could be interesting.
5.) Drake & Kid Cudi- The mix of rapping yet switching to singing from them both would be a
6.) Snoop Dogg & Devin Tha Dude-
I think that is all that needs to be said about that.
7.) Busta Rhymes & Twista- I dunno I just always wanted them two to collab on an album. They would probably spazzon all the tracks.
8.) Kanye West & Pharrell Williams- A whole album from these two would be
, but alas might be filled with medocrity like 'Number 1.'

Wow that is a lot, but I mean I could go on for days, but those would be some interesting collabo's I would like to see happen one day for a whole album.
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Originally Posted by King23James

6.) Snoop Dogg & Devin Tha Dude-
I think that is all that needs to be said about that.
Originally Posted by awwsome

Hov & The Clipse w/ All Tracks Produced By The Neptunes
100% agree with both of those

Jay & Clipse would have unparalleled amounts of
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OutKast + Clipse + Kanye with The Neptunes, Timbaland & 'Ye himself on the boards...

EDIT: The-Dream + R. Kelly...
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Drake and Cudi would sound sick

Jay-Z and Em- Album full of songs like renegade

Black Eyed Peas and Ye

Daft Punk and Wale- idk why but i have a feeling it would be sick
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Jadakiss & Fabolous
Jay & Nas
Nas & AZ
Ghost & Rae
Common & J Dilla
B. Sigel & Styles P
De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest
The Roots & Common
Mos Def & Common
Ghost & Kanye

That's My Top 10 off the Top Of The Head.

flash uno

Joined Dec 18, 2007
an east coast album compilation with Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, Jay-Z, Styles P, & Nas


Joined Apr 3, 2009
Originally Posted by Flash Uno

an east coast album compilation with Jadakiss, Lloyd BanksFab, Jay-Z Papoose, Styles P Cam, & Nas
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