What Brand White tees do you guys buy?

Jul 26, 2007
I'm tired of triple A but i like the fit of their larges. anyone know of a brand that fit similar but are thicker?
Kirkland at Costco are crazy thick. Largest size is XXL or XL.
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You'll get better feed back if you made this in the General section, but people would be mad at you for making this thread.
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Triple A and sometimes Pro Club.
how does a proclub fit, compaired to say a footlocker tee? i wear a M in footlocker tees, and its a pretty goot fit, not too baggy...so what do u think i shoood get in a pro club? do proclubs look good after a few washes..? or is it a one wear type a shirt like finishline tees?
Pro Clubs fit similair to Triple A tees but they are very hard to find in sizes lower than XL. Or at least here in SD.
stafford's lrg tall or jockey lrg tall theyre not dresses like fl,champs, or fl t's:.
what about undershirts? i used to stay with jockey but now they they make them tagless and they shrink in length severely
shaka wear hands down the collar will never strecth i skate a couple of mines and wash them and there still fresh
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what ever brand they have across the street at the beauty supply
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yeah..gotta go with sneaker pimp.

its hard to get your head through...but they never stretch.

they basically choke you while you wear it...lol
staffords you can get them at JCpenny's

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