What deals are you getting with NFL SUNDAY TICKET this year???

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Any D* returning customers getting special promotions this year?

I'm getting the gad damn run around from them on the phone as of late... My first bill during NFL Ticket is at $166
. And that's not including any bundled phone or internet... I still have a $44.00 bill from TWC for my internet.

Each of the last 2 years I had gotten their PREMIER Package FREE promotion with Sunday Ticket... So basically I was paying only $65 or so per month for pretty much every channel they offer including Ticket.

Am I the only one getting stiffed by D*TV this year?
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During the lockout my wife called and threatened to cancel, they gave us $20 a month off to keep us happy. So $120 off the ticket this year, I'll take that.
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Last time I called (Never threatened to cancel) they told me they'd give me $5 off per month.

In a few days Im gonna call back and tell them I don't want NFLST anymore and see what happens.
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I never had the NFL ticket, but I called and decided to give it a shot... I called to say that I was canceling my plan unless they offered me a good deal on NFL ticket... I got it down to $100, but it took some talking to get it down that much...

The lady told me straight up that it is based on your history with them...
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Not budging at all. Thinking of switching the service to another persons name and trying to get it for free
not sure if it would work or is worth the trouble though.
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having a friend that works at DIRECT TV FTW..

basically canceled my account, right when they sent me my 3 year "thanks for being a loyal card"

and made my sister sign up for a new account, so i get everything for free for the first year..

better than paying 160 a month.. now i only pay 80.

but the funny thing is when i called DTV and told them i was cancelling, they just started naming out discounts out of no where and even said he could take out 50 dollars of my

bill.. but i already had my new one installed in my house, smh
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having a friend that works at DIRECT TV FTW..

Damn, you have a friend working at DirecTV and you still pay $80 a month,

My share of the Sunday Ticket package will be $125, sounds about right. 
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I get NFL Sunday ticket and NBA League pass every year....

anywho, i got Sunday ticket for free the other day. I called the main number and said Cancel at the prompts.. Got a lady named Brenda and she said that she would give it to me for free.

this was after calling the main number twice (without saying cancel at the prompt) the same day.

If you havent already, call the main #, say cancel... When you get a rep, just tell them you saw a commercial offering Sunday Ticket for free for new customers and you were calling to find out what you can offer me. Tell them you want to pay now and dont want to add it to the bill <---- ive read that this has worked for some to get it to 50% off

hope this helps some of yall, good luck
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^ no problem at all man.. I wanted to add, as some1 said above your history does have something to do with it.

First thing the lady said when she picked up was that im an outstanding customer enrolled with autopay... The last 3 years I paid 160 for the Sunday ticket but last november i enrolled in the autopay and this year they gave the Sunday Ticket to me for free... could be coincidence, but who know....  man i was beyond shocked... i had my CC ready and everything.. to bad they dont have direct lines or emails... id call her on the regular just to tell her have a good day

If you are already on autopay, dont forget that you get free HD access and you can have them waive the fee...

ill post a few links as reference for you guys...  



http://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=41591552&postcount=224  this is what i got the last 3 years... still



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Just called direct tv threatening to cancel n go to dish. Said early bird still too high for me and they gave it to me for $160.
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