What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up Vol. As Far Back As I Could Remember I Always Wanted To Be

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Are You Still Intrested In Owning/Starting A Shop? Idk How Feasible It Is For Your To Do And Not Keep Your Day Job But It At Least Still Seems Obtainable To Own A Store.
As far as retail storefronts there's tons of vacancies to the point you could rent a decent sized space for $500/mo. You could buy the records in bulk from a thrift store at a quarter a pop and have a decent size inventory.

You can start looking for commercial spaces on LoopNet.com or Showcase.


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Pro soccer player
Pro surfer until I saw a dude wipe out on some rocks and I realized they don’t wear helmets
Native American chief until my brother reminded me we’re not Native American :rofl:
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I always wanted to get into music production/ studio engineering. I always thought i'de be good at it.
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Liked reading comics and stuff. Loved drawing and was talented with it as a kid but I never pursued in getting better and doing something with it.
Same here. Had a natural talent to be able to draw but never took it serious. Looking back, I should have tried. I remember having a school project in the 3rd grade where you had to hand make a book/story. Mine was very similar to what Disney’s “Cars” created except my story was about speed boats! I even drew the big cartoonish eyes and smiles but on boats, lol. My book ended up being stolen from the classroom so I quickly whipped up a story with Bart Simpson skateboarding because he was a new character at the time and I had to turn my project in the next day :lol:

I did find some success years later when I won a Reebok sneaker design contest. My design was modified by Reebok and borrowed some of my styling ques. It eventually became the Reebok ATR Pump that Allen Iverson wore for the 05 All Star Game. My prize was a pair of Laker tickets.
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I wanted to win the Nobel peace prize.

What I wanted to be constantly changed as I grew up. I wanted to study space, be an archaeologist, an oceanographer, a historian, and so much more. The sad truth is in certain communities there were plenty that grew up wanting to be or learn something that may not have been plausible in the eyes of those that were to help lead you the way. I really wanted to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Imagine that being a child’s mindset and then said child is introduced to the projects/hood where they are to witness some of the worst life has to offer. Not many of us received the guidance needed to carry out who we were or wanted to be, smh.
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Liked reading comics and stuff. Loved drawing and was talented with it as a kid but I never pursued in getting better and doing something with it.
Get yourself a drawing tablet(or iPad) right now, choose and art program(app) you like and look up videos on still lifes and figure drawing. I believe that if you have a good imagination, detail-minded, and have steady hands, than you'll pick up drawing again in no time. I used to copy Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Dragonall Ball Z characters, and graduated to robots from the cartoon Zoids and landscape photos. My graphic design and drawing classes definitely helped, but if you already have the knack for it, you can get all on your own.
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