What do you call your Mother? by her first name?

Joined Mar 28, 2004
When i'm referring to her I usually say mom or mother
When i'm talking to her I say mama or ma
I crack up when I hear people call their mother their T Lady or T Jones

I have 2 cousins that call my aunt by her first name, that's weird as hell to me.
any of y'all do that?
Joined Dec 31, 2009
first name for both parents....if i say mom or dad its awkward when other people look cuz how many ppl go by that?
Joined Apr 26, 2008
My mom would go upside my head if I referred to her by her first name. 
I say mom and dad most the time. 
Joined Feb 9, 2008
Sand, her nickname. When I was like 8 years, I playfully called her by nickname while at a party. She told some folks she didn't care cause it made her feel young. I continued to do so but found out later in life she didn't really like it. Today I try to say ma or mom, but I'm too used to calling her Sand.

big j 33

Joined May 31, 2006
The only time I say her first name is if I'm in public or somewhere crowded, because it would probably get her attention quicker. Certainly she would recognize my voice if I yelled mom, but it's easier to just get her attention by her first. I need to learn how to whistle because she used to always whistle a little tune to get my attention, I'm still trained to this day if I hear it I whip around thinking she's nearby.

It's always Mom to me, I'll say Mother when I'm being sarcastic or joking.
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