What do you guys think of my Michael Jackson Dance moves?

Joined Sep 18, 2005
Been a fan for a lifetime and I'm entering a MJ dance contest in L.A. any feedback would be appreciated. 
Joined Jan 21, 2003
Nice job. The circle glide was on point. I think the hardest part about mimicking MJ is his stance and you're almost there, so keep up the good work.

big j 33

Joined May 31, 2006
So that's what ninjahood's room would look like if he had hardwood floors.
Joined Nov 28, 2009
You went all in with that spin, I was scared you were about to fall. It was decent though
Joined Mar 13, 2008
Not bad. On your MJ 3 step/James Brown move, it's a slight hop. You're doing it like James Brown does it. MJ's 3 step is like 1-2, hop 3. Other than that, you might want to work on the basics to get better. Like waving, popping, etc. The chest pop was clean though.
Joined Oct 2, 2003
Gif generate please!!!

Nice video though...more practice and you'll e able to do the moves faster and smoother.

Either you're like 6'+ or that is a small room...

Everyone give it up to this guy....5 star this

It takes courage to post how is my MJ moves...
Joined Jan 29, 2008
^ I agree. More practice leads to a smoother execution. It seemed like you were thinking on the next move so it wasn't liquid.

But stop practicing in the punishment room.
Joined Oct 27, 2002
Is that really you??

It's like your top half & bottom half on different counts...
Your leg is nice (||) but your top half seems late...

Good job tho homie
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