What do you think about a UNC version of the CDP's? Vol. JB make it happen


formerly pleasesaythebaby23
Joined Apr 15, 2006
How do yall feel about JB doin the CPD's again but in UNC colorways to pay homage to the Hills?

I know people gonna come and here and bash about quality......lets hope for the best

I think it would be crazy.......just imagine

maybe a Mid version of the low VIs

A Mid XI of these would be nice

or you could go this route


A mid version of these

One of my fav samples

Im sure yall can PS some other ideas

I cant find the pic I had someone did a PS off White/Black/Fire Red Vs but where the red was it was university blue if somebody has that pic post it! Those was dope
Joined Apr 5, 2008
Powder 10 and 05 UNC 13's Pe pack would be 

but a bunch of pack's like the cdp would be a bad look no need for All that 
Joined Nov 19, 2007
I've been looking for those 14's for years, the ones that only came out on eastbay for like 5 minutes.


formerly pleasesaythebaby23
Joined Apr 15, 2006
I knew they was limited but seriously they was on released for 5 minutes?

I wonder does anybody have a pair DS


Staff member
Joined Aug 2, 2011
That is a great idea.

I like the Carolina blue and black V's the most.
Joined Dec 3, 2007
retro a couple but none of this pack crap please.

although i'd love to see those blue lasered collection released... whatever they were called, i forget
Joined Jan 31, 2009
^^^ yeah, CDP packs for UNC would be overkill IMO. but i would love to see a spring release campaign cenetered around a few UNC retro colorways, for example.
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