What do you think about Andray Blatche? Future star?

Joined Jul 27, 2005
The new look Wizards are 4-3 since they traded Jamison and Butler andover his last 5 games, Blatche is averaging 27 points, 11.6 rebounds, 4assists, almost 2 blocks and 1.4 steals

Look at his stat lines over the last 5, ridiculous:

[/td][td]L 109-104[/td][td]33[/td][td]11-21[/td][td]0-1
[/td][td]W 101-95[/td][td]41[/td][td]8-13[/td][td]0-1
[/td][td]L 99-94[/td][td]41[/td][td]10-19[/td][td]0-1
[/td][td]L 118-116[/td][td]51[/td][td]11-21[/td][td]1-2
[/td][td]W 89-85[/td][td]39[/td][td]17-31[/td][td]0-1
So was he just a star suppressed by a team full of scorers (for real) or is he just a one year wonder?

I personally think this kid is here to stay. He's got a great skill set and his jumper will get better with time.

Your thoughts?
Joined Mar 15, 2006
He is just playing good for an extensions. As soon as he gets that, expect the same old player.

Blatche spends to much time at the club ( just like alot of DC athletes ) to expect but so much from this guy....
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