What does CL mean On the boxtag of Dunks.

Oct 9, 2005
I dont post in the Nike retro much, but i wanted to know what CL means on some boxtags. Any help would be great. I know its not hard, but for some reason i cant figure this one out.
Didn't want to start a new topic just for this, but does anyone know what the MCO and I/O stand for on Supreme AF1's? I've only seen the I/O on the ones with the contrast color soles & have no clue about MCO.
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I/O = Inside out.
And as far as I kno, MCO = Orlando
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ahh the age old question as to what the CL means on the boxtag of dunks....some say classic...others say comfort lining...

i think its classic....because theres nothing comfortable about the lining of the shoes...i think the "comfort lining" description came about because of the "NL" (no lining) descrption on certain dunks...people figured since NL means no lining CL must mean comfort lining...but thats just my opinion i may be wrong
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But y would CL = classic on Dunks, if the Dunk is a classic shoe?
Its like the boxtag is reiteratin itself.
I'll go wit crappy leather as well.
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^^^ehhh...i'll agree to disagree...

on a side note does anyone know if high dunks (other than sb's) are made w/ mesh tongues anymore? i've been searching but no dice...
Where were you 8/29/07 ?

CL is definitely Comfort Liner... NL is No Liner.
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it's as if the liners/ankle collars got 10 x worse sinc ehte last time I bought a GR dunk... :smh:
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i used to think it ment creative line because most (if not all) cl's are gr's but follow a theme or idea.

pantone pack
bycicle pack

plus a lot more

most gr's are just simple color ways and cl's aren't is all im implying

but then again i think child labor or crappy leather are better descriptions
LOL at crappy leather.

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im pretty sure cl does mean classic. i think it was 2003 when the white/red dunks released that i found it out because in the release dates thread it had all the dunk release dates and it would say classic in the name for the dunk lows. it said the same thing in all my eastbays too.
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