What exactly is YOUR definition of "Bout Dat Life" VOL....Don Corleone

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Willing to go to jail or lose their life for any reason at any time whatsoever with no damns given.

Ex: Murder, Shoplifting, etc.
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I think the traditional term generally refers to an individual's subscription to a criminal code. However, I've adapted the term and apply it to other situations. It's a great way of indicating that someone is fully committed to a certain lifestyle - whatever the lifestyle be.
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what life, though?

there's different "lifes" fools can be about.
When someone says "he aint bout dat life" what is your interpretation of "dat life"

Or bout dat life could be a positive term.

Im just curious cuz my friends and i had this discussion and there were many views and heated debates.

Nt has a wide variety of people and i was just curious thas all.
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