What Happened To Chris Webber ?

Feb 8, 2005
What Happened To Chris Webber ?

Last I heard he wanted to play for the Pistons and that the Mavs had some interest in him over the summer.

I guess he just pulled a Latrell Sprewell and stoped playing.
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he's waiting for the Magic to make an offer... i hope :smile:
I remember reading that if the Pistons didn't resign him then he would retire. Obviously the Mavs most likely won't be needing his assistance with the signing of Howard (you never know though... maybe they'll sign Jalen and CWebb too haha). I wouldn't be surprised if he signed with a contender half way through the season though.

I wouldn't call this a Sprewell retirement though, that was just a case of him letting his embarrassment and pride getting in the way following that "feed my family" statement.

Edit: I had a similar question regarding Boykins??
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is that picture recent???

Anyways, the Pistons didn't want to resign. They wanted to develop their younger core.

But I think he will end up with a contender half way through the season. I see him with the Bulls, or an eastern conference team.
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reminds me of ray lewis a bit
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The question is, should the Kings raise the number 4 in their rafters?
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if i were the kings i would, but i doubt it because than they'd have to retire Vlade's and Vlade ended up retiring as a laker :lol:
It REALLY would have been nice if Chris, Jalen, and Juwan had decided they'd all go out together and sign with one team. Heat, Celtics, and Lakers are 3 teams who actually could have made room for - and used - all 3 of them.
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Yeah, last I heard he wanted to come back to the Pistons or retire but I'm pretty sure he'll sign with a title contender for the stretch run. Also, like someone said in this thread...where is Earl Boykins!? Why hasn't anyone signed him? Is the LITTLE guy demanding too BIG a contract?
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His career ended in Dallas.
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Thank god it didn't end with it.
"shegotgame - People want Vince to leave so he can join their team. Vince will stay put. Sig that."

"DontStepOnMyShoes - itll be a sad day in history if AI gets sent to the Kings nobody will ever win in sacramento"
Michigan needs to recognize Webber, Howard, Rose, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson. It's a travesty that the university has turned its back on their accomplishments.
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apparently jalen put up a billboard honoring the fab five on a highway leading into detroit, but don't expect the school to do anything to honor them.

pro ball player Jalen Rose is honoring his Fab Five basketball teammates at Michigan with a billboard near where he and former teammate Chris Webber were raised. Jalen mentioned in his interview that he had his former team mates on his mind when he paid for the billboard tribute. The billboard features five maize jerseys, with the five players last names and numbers. The original 5 were: Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, and Jimmy King.
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hmm hmmm hmm..
I don't know, but somebody needs to sign him.
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It's weird seeing some of these guys play big in college and then come into the league with big hopes only to exit the league quietly. I still remember watching the 93 draft when the Magic picked him. Hard to believe that was 15 years ago.
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I heard in the summer he had a huge offer from a overseas team...and also dallas.
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anyways, i'm about to go hoop.. shaved head, baggy shorts, black kicks. thank you, fab five.
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