What is the difference between regular Dunks and SB Dunks?

SB Dunks have Zoom Air insoles, padded tongues and are
made in smaller quantities for the most part giving them
that smaller supply/higher demand attribute.

...it's all just hear-say anyway.
Info is correct also some of the dunk low sb's didn't have a padded tongue such as the brown packs and ostriches.....also the hi's use to have a fat tongue such as the wheat hi, paul brown hi, and hulks.....I dunno which was the last hi to have the padded tongue and low to have the non padded tongue. I'm pretty sure someone up here has the info... also diff. Color box
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don't forget the fact that sb's carry thicker laces...

^^^ oh yeah. good point with the round skate laces.

...it's all just hear-say anyway.
^^ not really, i dont skate but i wear sb's, i just like the colorways, but call it wat u want, i think so many people have been to concerned about not being a hypebeast their scared to buy something they like beucase they think that somebody will call them a hypebeast
SB dunk=dunk beefed up for skateboarding. However, given the terrible quality of SB dunks lately, no one really skates them anymore.
AIR MAX 95 Women's"TURBO PINK" size 8.5 DS
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elastic tongue straps, too
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honestly the sb sign you crazy lets start at the tognue its usally fatter then normla dunks. the second part of them is the padding on the inside instead of a size 9 for dunks ud get ya sbs in a 9 half because there is alot of padding cushioning on them. The detail put into them is very diffrent. Pushead sb have a whole mix of colors other normal dunks only come in a mix macth of color but not in that way. Plus there way more limited skateboard shops sell them. Yeah and that about sums it up plus every hypebeast who could would sell them for an arm and a leg.
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WANTED: SPLATTER DUNK LOWS...11.5...i really mean it.
yall so scared for somebody to call you a hypebeast. who cares?????? you'd think somebody was calling you gay or something.
Sb's have more padding in them and the Lows run smaller by a 1/2 size for me the Hi's are more true to size.
sb sign,fatter tongue,lots more money,only found in skatshop or boutiques
I know SB stands for skateboarding but they look the same to me......

sb does not stand for skateboarding.
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WANTED: SPLATTER DUNK LOWS...11.5...i really mean it.
SB Dunks > Normal Dunks, 5x more comfortable, better colors, same price, extra set of laces.
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^ I never have and never will pay for more than retail for my SBs. If you know where to find them you wouldn't have to settle for those rediculous re-sellers prices.

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