What is the rarest occurence in MLB history?

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I love Met fans who depend on the Yankees losing to be happy.  Also the ones who seem to forget that AJ was on as many teams that one championships and has one more no hitter than the entire Mets franchise

Blah blah blahhh, someone mad that (John Sterling voice)"Theeeeee Yankees lose."(/JS voice) If the Angels make it and ya'll face them, it's a wrap. If not, RIP to ya in the ALCS. I don't even see, how ya'll win a game against Boston, most likely sweep. STRAIGHT DISCUSTING
AL Rankings

Hitting -    1st in Runs, 1st in Home Runs, 1st in Walks, Tied-1st in Stolen Bases, Tied 4th Average, 2nd in OBP
Pitching-  2nd most wins, 3rd best ERA, 3rd Least Runs & Earned Runs,  3rd most Saves, 5th least Walks, 1st Strikeouts,  Opp Average 6th

Yankees with all their problems with uncertain pitching, half assed #2's and major injuries have quietly been the most balanced team in the AL if not all of baseball..

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I was going to say 4 strikeouts in an inning, but looked it up and it does happen enough

MultiHR game by a pitcher in a game, hasn't been done in 40 years
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I know that most of y'all are joking, but I'd have to say a pitcher throwing two consecutive no-hitters.

54 up and 54 down is quite a feat.
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This can be read a lot of ways... but Scott Hattiberg is the only person in the history of MLB to hit into a triple play and hit a grand slam in the same game... a lot of what you guys are saying actually happens fairly often... besides AJ pitching a decent game anyways...
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Yea there are a lot of ways to answer this. I think of what are all of the things that have been done once, and then I which one has the least chance of happening again. Basically there are a lot of things that have been done only once, and you cannot get more rare than happening only one time.


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Periwinkle:[hr][/hr]I was going to say 4 strikeouts in an inning, but looked it up and it does happen enough

Since you just looked it up, hasn't it been done like 4 or 5 times, and Chuck Finley was like 3 of those times?
I know he's the only one to do it with multiple teams. I know he did it with the Angels and then Indians.
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Batting 4 times in a game with the bases loaded? Hitting for the cycle, with the HR bein a granny? No-hitters with 15+ K's? 2 triple plays in a game, same team or otherwise? 4 triples by one player in a game? 5 doubles? No player has 3 grand slams in a game I don't think. Those are my best guesses.


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Jesus, batting 4 times w/ the bases loaded?! If that was pre-World Series A-Rod, he'd still end that game w/ like 2 ribbies.

I remember we used to clown him for DAYS on here about his unclutchness. All that talk gets quiet when you actually help a team grab a ring, though.
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