What is YOUR universe like? Vol. Intellectual discussions of your SOLE reality.

Jul 16, 2001
I'm asking because I believe everybody's universe and reality is different. I think everybody lives by a different set of rules. Everything you knowand feel is an interpretation of your mind. Your mind is not just an organ that controls the functions in your body, but a receptor of information broadcastedto you. Your brain is to reality as your eyes are to light.

Similarly I think your "religion" is the same way. Actually I don't believe in religion but I will call it that to make things simpler. Ibelieve in spirituality which is the opposite of religion. Spirituality comes from within, religion comes from without.

SO I'd like to "experience" life from other people's eyes momentarily. Post your views on Religion/Spirituality,views on Your Purpose andother miscellaneaous feelings.

This thread is not to argue about who is right or wrong. I can only speak for myself but Iam a grown az man who would like to leave the fussing to the elementary kids argueing over Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. I'm hoping anybody that steps foot into this thread has enough intellect, awareness and yearning for truthand meaning to appreciate another perspective.


My religion is most similiar to Gnostic Christianity and Unitarian Universalist. I believe in ALL religions, but disagree with all ofthem too. I believe in dharma, karma, enlightenment/the light/the word/the truth....I believe in forms of reincarnation and even believe in separate levels ofheaven and hell similiar to Mormon beliefs. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE JESUS in modern church was the Son of God, but a bastardized idol of him.


My guiding light is what I believe to be the 4th Dimension, which is God. God is within all of us in one form or another, and speaks to us through ourconsciousness to lead us to our dharma. I believe the 4th Dimension is spiritual and is hard for some to understand. But if you open your mind/soul you canget a grasp on what life is really about, within and throughout the 3rd Dimension.

I believe the Purpose for myself is to advance and to love. By advance I mean create something to help the world in which ever way, topush and to be an example of what a human should be. And to have love for EVERYTHING - which is not something you can force, it just has to happen. I DO NOTbeleive it is my job (or anybody else's) to preach about how you should live your life, I believe that is God's job by speaking to you Himself (seeabove).

The Purpose I believe is very simple, but is complicated to put in words.
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