What Jordans, i-xxiii, ARE WEARABLE?

Dec 8, 2006
From what I know most people believe that OG J's I-VIII are unwearable but can be wearable depending on how they were stored. I concede to this. But I have specific questions on certain shoes after the VIII:

Are OG IX ok to wear? How about the OG compared to its retro? What about the teeth on the midsole of the OG IX and retro, How do they hold up? Any problems?

What about OG XI compared to retro XI? Can you wear the OG XI? Any difference between the OG and retro as far as wearability?

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Well, the "xxiii" hasn't even come out yet, so who knows. It does depend on storage, but you have to wear them very gently. Don't wear them if you plan on doing a ton of walking around.
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og 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 can crack because of the material of the midsole
og 1 are very durable
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all the others,there is a chance of cracking
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