What kind of lighter do you use?

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Man I wish I could find a picture of it but I had a badass Bic with an RV going up a canyon with the American flag in the background.
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I have that one in my car, but it ran out. I also have the lion, cheetah, bear, and horse ones. I love that series.

main is a pink BIC though. no one ever wants to steal the pink BIC so I keep a few. them and the Newport box green ones.


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But I read the book by Frank Vincent..the guide to being a mans man...all NT dudes should read it because we all aspire to be the man in life. But he said every man should have real mans lighter, not a cheap *** Bic.

One day...
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I'm not a smoker, but back in high school I bought a Zippo because I really liked the design and thought it would be cool to have. Now I probably have 5 or so mostly because my mom gets a discount on them for her store. In addition to my original one, I have a Yankees one, a mirror black, a Bicycle poker inspired one, then a Miller High Life one as a gift :lol:

They're obviously not as practical since you have to refill them (even though it takes 30 seconds tops), and since I'm not a regular smoker they're not something I use often... but I like them.
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I use a BIC disposable with my zodiac sign on it that wound up in my pocket a few months ago.

I own a few Zippos though.
Joined Oct 4, 2009
Oriole's bic was my go to until it ran out :pimp:

I also have a regular Zippo with a Shuriken on it that my little bro gave me for my birthday and a silver Blu Zippo, the windproof joint
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scripto views

7 for $2 at wally world, can't complain.

plus no one wants to jack a scripto.
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Cheap bic lighter.  Salute those who are into lighter culture (if thats the right word for it), but i couldn't care less so long as it set ablaze whats gonna get me blazed.
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